GTR 2020

GTR 2020

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GTR 2020
  • So Many Choices! Picking Your First Suppressor

    The After-Show crew of Tom, Jim, and Michelle talk about Jim's first suppressor purchase, and how he decided which one to buy. Find yours at

  • Some Gun Owners Voting Biden?

    A caller asks Tom for advice on talking with gun owners who are planning on voting for Biden because they say "The 2nd Amendment will protect our rights".

  • Hellcat, SAINT Victor Range Report

    A caller gives a range report on the Springfield Armory Hellcat and SAINT Victor, and asks for advice on a front sight issue. Find yours at

  • Pro-Gun Rights - Not Just for Republicans

    LA State Representative and Democrat C. Travis Johnson (LA-21) talks with Tom about the passage of four pro-gun bills in the state, why he's pro-gun and pro-2nd Amendment, talking to his fellow Democrats to encourage support for gun rights, and more.

  • I've Never Shot A Gun - Which One Do I Buy?

    As a grandmother, Mary has decided she needs to become a gun owner so she can protect herself and her granddaughter who lives with her. She might have shot a gun 50 years ago. What gun does she need to buy? Tom has a suggestion on where she needs to start.

  • Are You Supposed to Line Up Iron Sights & Red Dot Optic?

    A caller chats with the AfterShow crew about why M&P 22 rifle his red dot sights aren’t aligning with his iron sights. Tom talks to him through the answer. This one may surprise you.

  • Always Have Your Gun On You?

    A caller typically abides by the Pants On, Gun On philosophy, but the one time he forgot, he immediately regretted it when a sow pinned him against the wall.

  • How YOU Can Help New Gun Owners

    Do you need a little motivation to help new gun owners? Tom talks with a listener about how he has helped over 2,000 new gun owners. Check out Reeser's book at

  • I Accidentally Put My Gun Through the Dryer

    A caller gets his gun stuck in the dryer. What are the safety concerns, and will the gun still work?

  • Is the Glock 29 a Bear or Lion Gun?

    A listener is heading into the mountains and has a bear gun question. Is the GLOCK 29 a valid choice for use against bears, mountain lions, or wolves?

  • What To Do If You Draw Your Gun

    This is a “What If” call. The After Show crew discusses what to do if you find an intruder in your home, or how you should react if the attacker grabs your gun, or if they appear unarmed? How do you act and what goes through your mind while encountering a potentially life-threatening situation?

  • 5.7 Cartridge in a Revolver?

    Will the 5.7x28mm work in a revolver? Tom discusses chamber pressures of the 5.7x28mm and what protective equipment you may need to have on hand before shooting. Plus, he might have a better option.

  • Ideas for Securing Your Gun Rights

    A caller decides to build an 80% lower to keep it in his hands if the government if they ever decide to take guns. Is this the best plan of action? Tom asks Ethan to make the same commitment to prevent that from happening.

  • Would You Trust Your Life to a Battery?

    A caller disagrees with Tom about the use of a battery-operated optic or laser on a defensive gun. Tom offers his suggestion to circumvent the issue of a dead battery when it matters most, whether it's a red dot or a laser.

  • Introducing Kids to the Shooting Sports

    Tom Gresham talks about growing up with guns, and discusses some good ways to get kids started in the shooting sports with Team Smith & Wesson member Julie Golob.

  • You're Never Too Old To Protect Yourself

    How old is too old to carry a gun? A caller shares the story about his mother who bought a PK380, sent in her paperwork and got a concealed carry permit at the age of 81, has started taking additional training classes, and is now confident in her ability to protect herself. In our opinion, you’re...

  • Finding a Good Concealed Carry Holster

    How do you choose the right carry holster? Is a nylon holster the right choice? Maybe a leather one? Or kydex? Callers ask about holsters all the time. Tom talks with a caller that loves his nylon holster, and offers his criteria for a good carry holster for others to consider.

  • Choosing an Optic for Your AR Pistol

    A listener emails Tom asking what the difference is between a red dot or a reflex sight for his AR pistol, and how does he choose the right one?

  • MA Women Fight for Their Gun Rights

    LaKasha Robbins, Massachusetts Women Gun Owners Co-Founder, GOAL Board Member, and MA delegate for The DC Project, talks about the disenfranchisement of female gun owners in her state, and their plea for help to the Lt. Governor.

  • 80-Year-Old Competitive Shooter Has Tips for New Female Gun Owners

    From Gun Talk Radio (03.29.20 Hour 1): Tom mentions the NSSF report that found unintentional firearms deaths reached their lowest number ever in 2018; and then talks with June in Utah. She's 80 years old and got involved with firearms when she was 72. She's now an NRA Instructor and a competitive...

  • DHS Declares Gun Stores Essential; Cuomo Ignores Remington Ventilator Offer

    From Gun Talk Radio (04.05.20 Hour 1): Tom talks about the DHS declaring gun stores as essential businesses and NSSF’s role in facilitating that ruling, states flip-flopping on whether stores can be open or not, New York Governor Cuomo saying he’ll take ventilators from private businesses but ign...

  • No, You Can't Shoot Someone for Stealing Your Stuff

    From Gun Talk Radio (04.05.20 Hour 2): Tom fields a call from New Mexico, where the caller is worried about an uptick in crime and encourages the use of force against someone stealing your property. Tom tries to set him straight, about the financial, legal, and real-world ramifications of doing s...

  • New Guns from FN America

    From Gun Talk Radio (04.26.20 Hour 1): Tom talks with FN America's Tom Victa about the FN 503, their first entry into compact 9mm market, plus the Scar 20S in 6.5 Creedmoor, extensions in the 509 pistol line, the AR Competition rifle, and two rebates that end on April 30th.
    FN 503 https://snp.lin...

  • Choosing a Compact Gun for Pocket Carry

    From Gun Talk Radio (04.26.20 Hour 1): Tom talks with Donna about finding a compact 9mm for her that'll fit in her pocket. Tom suggests two options for her - the FN 503, and the SIG P238, and stresses the importance of using a pocket holster regardless of the gun. Or, should she go with the Smith...