GTR 2020

GTR 2020

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GTR 2020
  • MA Women Fight for Their Gun Rights

    LaKasha Robbins, Massachusetts Women Gun Owners Co-Founder, GOAL Board Member, and MA delegate for The DC Project, talks about the disenfranchisement of female gun owners in her state, and their plea for help to the Lt. Governor.

  • 80-Year-Old Competitive Shooter Has Tips for New Female Gun Owners

    From Gun Talk Radio (03.29.20 Hour 1): Tom mentions the NSSF report that found unintentional firearms deaths reached their lowest number ever in 2018; and then talks with June in Utah. She's 80 years old and got involved with firearms when she was 72. She's now an NRA Instructor and a competitive...

  • DHS Declares Gun Stores Essential; Cuomo Ignores Remington Ventilator Offer

    From Gun Talk Radio (04.05.20 Hour 1): Tom talks about the DHS declaring gun stores as essential businesses and NSSF’s role in facilitating that ruling, states flip-flopping on whether stores can be open or not, New York Governor Cuomo saying he’ll take ventilators from private businesses but ign...

  • No, You Can't Shoot Someone for Stealing Your Stuff

    From Gun Talk Radio (04.05.20 Hour 2): Tom fields a call from New Mexico, where the caller is worried about an uptick in crime and encourages the use of force against someone stealing your property. Tom tries to set him straight, about the financial, legal, and real-world ramifications of doing s...

  • New Guns from FN America

    From Gun Talk Radio (04.26.20 Hour 1): Tom talks with FN America's Tom Victa about the FN 503, their first entry into compact 9mm market, plus the Scar 20S in 6.5 Creedmoor, extensions in the 509 pistol line, the AR Competition rifle, and two rebates that end on April 30th.
    FN 503 https://snp.lin...

  • Choosing a Compact Gun for Pocket Carry

    From Gun Talk Radio (04.26.20 Hour 1): Tom talks with Donna about finding a compact 9mm for her that'll fit in her pocket. Tom suggests two options for her - the FN 503, and the SIG P238, and stresses the importance of using a pocket holster regardless of the gun. Or, should she go with the Smith...

  • The Real Reasons Colt Halted AR Production

    Colt stops producing ARs for civilians? Get the real story from Colt's Paul Spitale, as Tom Gresham talks with him about why Colt has really suspended production on MSRs - including current contract demands, limited resources after 2016 bankruptcy restructuring, and the drive to produce new 1911s...

  • Tom's Negligent Discharge Confession

    Tom gives a rundown of his latest range day: Appreciation for the Smith & Wesson Shield EZ, and making a mistake when demonstrating his Smith & Wesson snubnose with a shrouded hammer which led to a negligent discharge. He discusses why no one nor nothing was shot (always pointed at a safe directi...

  • AR-15s for Self-Defense: Gear and Training Points

    Why would you use an AR-15 for self defense? Professional Trainer Chris Cerino joins Tom to discuss the use of an AR-15 for a self-defense tool. Chris warns against using a muzzle brake device on the AR-15, and instead uses the Barking Spider from Spikes Tactical. Plus, sights vs. optics, the imp...

  • How to Teach Cross-Dominant Shooting

    A caller recently discovered his son is left-eye dominant, and asks Tom what to do. Tom offers his suggestions, including how to teach him to shoot from his left shoulder.

  • Filling the Vacant Supreme Court Seat

    Tom offers his thoughts on filling the Supreme Court seat left vacant with Justice Ginsburg's passing on Sept 19th. This is not a short term impact - The Supreme Court vacancy has a decades-long lasting impact on our Second Amendment rights. This is why each election is important.

  • Heavy Recoil and a Bad Back

    Justin has back injuries that cause a lot of pain, and some shooters have suggested to him that he pass on his big bore guns (.45-70 and a .444 Marlin). Should he give up on heavy recoiling rifles? Tom walks through Justin's shooting MO and recommends some ways that he can continue the sport he l...

  • Is a .410 Shotgun Good for Home Defense?

    Mick asks Tom and the After Show crew about running a .410 shotgun for home defense. Is it good enough to protect your family? What is the ideal shotgun to defend your home?

  • Why a “Never Trumper” Changed His Mind

    Attorney Don Kilmer ( discusses his reasons for transitioning from a "Never Trumper" in 2016 to a Trump voter in 2020. Plus, Tom and Don review the nomination of Amy Coney Barrett and where she stands on the Second Amendment.

  • How to Transfer a Handgun Across State Lines

    A caller's father wants to transfer a gun to her and will need to ship it across state lines. Tom walks her through the easy process of transferring guns via a gun shop.

  • Trying Out Different Training Schools

    Dan calls in with a few issues he had with discussions about the Front Sight Training School on a past show. Tom addresses the questions about the training school. The After Show crew discusses the importance in attending any training school that you can - It is always possible to gain valuable l...

  • The Real Facts about Guns and Control

    Guy Smith of joins Tom to discuss firearms stats, where to look for the real info, and how to use what you find. Smith recently released a book called Guns and Control: A Nonpartisan Guide to Understanding Mass Public Shootings, Gun Accidents, Crime, Public Carry, Suicides, Defensiv...

  • Should You Buy A Gun Before the Election?

    Franco calls in to rib Tom about the Tavor Bullpup. Plus, should he wait to purchase a Henry rifle after the election, as it's not in danger from Biden's gun control plan. Tom advises against waiting, and reiterates just how awful Biden's gun control plans really are - straight from Biden's website.

  • 4th Grader Suspended from Virtual School Due to BB Gun

    Virtual learning is one of the ways kids have returned to school this year. The After Show crew discusses the story from Louisiana about Ka'Mauri Harrison, a nine-year-old suspended from VIRTUAL school because the teacher saw the barrel of his BB gun in his background. The family is suing the sch...

  • Hodgdon Powder Co. Adds More Gunpowder Makers

    Big news in the world of reloading! Aaron Oelger of Hodgdon Powder Co. joins Tom to discuss their recent acquisition of Ramshot Powders, Accurate Powders and Blackhorn 209. Hodgdon doesn’t plan on slowing down production any time soon.

  • How to Choose Your First Self-Defense Handgun

    Fred writes in to ask Tom which self-defense handgun to purchase. This will be his first gun to buy. How should he go about selecting it, and which one should he buy? If you are looking to purchase a new handgun, or if you have friends and family asking you about it, here's your answer. Find a h...

  • Is It A Good Time To Sell My Guns?

    Have you thought about selling guns during the current buying rush? Patrick calls in to ask it's time to start selling some guns to make some money, but also to put some inventory out there. The After Show crew discusses some reasons to sell (or gift) some of your guns now, and good places to sel...

  • Amy Coney Barrett, the 2nd Amendment, & SCOTUS

    Did you tune in to the Supreme Court confirmation hearings with nominee Amy Coney Barrett? What would confirming Barrett mean for the 2nd Amendment, and for potential cases heading to SCOTUS? Tom talks with SAF and CCRKBA's Alan Gottlieb about the future of the highest court in the United States.

  • First Long Gun: Should You Buy a Rifle or a Shotgun?

    Robin has handguns, but is now looking to get a long gun. She's not sure if she'd like it for home defense, or wingshooting and hunting. Should she buy an AR-15 or bolt-action rifle, or should she buy a shotgun? Find out what Tom suggests about this fork in the road she's at right now.