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  • 2A Sanctuary Counties for Gun Rights

    Noah Davis discusses his 2nd Amendment Sanctuary Counties project, what these spots mean for gun rights, and how you can work to get one passed where you live. Check out the map at https://bit.ly/3uEGYlD.

  • Easily Find In-Stock Guns, Ammo, Parts

    Brownells' Roy Hill talks gun builds, how to easily find in-stock guns, ammo, and parts at the Brownells Armory, ARs and more. Check out the Armory at https://snp.link/e00f2bf5.

  • Ghost Guns and Serial Numbers - Know the History

    Lee calls the Gun Talk After Show to discuss "ghost guns" and a '62 Marlin - the crew talks about why there weren't any guns in the U.S. with serial numbers before 1968, when it's legal to make your own gun without any serial number, and why everyone needs to let their federal and state reps know...

  • Examining Biden's Gun Control Executive Orders

    BearingArms.com Editor Cam Edwards discusses some of the most recent actions at both state and federal levels - including Biden's recent executive orders.

  • How Good is Iguana Hunting?

    Is iguana hunting with air guns in Puerto Rico any good? Gun Talk Hunt's Kevin "KJ" Jarnagin and Ryan Gresham discuss why you would hunt this nuisance critter causing major issues on the island, estimated to number around 6.5 million. Tune in for the tales from their time with Iguana Hunters, and...

  • Biden's Executive Actions on Guns

    Gun Talk's Tom Gresham and Ryan Gresham discuss President Biden’s recently-announced executive actions regarding firearms - Everything from ghost guns to stabilizing braces to red flag laws. The White House has said these are just "initial" executive actions on firearms. What do gun owners need t...

  • How To Discuss Gun Rights with the Media, Politicos, and Others

    3Gunner couple Ryan and Dianna Muller join Gun Talk's Ryan Gresham to discuss testifying in front of Congress, gun control groups parading as gun safety groups, funding 2A groups, the DC Project, the Ambassador Academy, how to talk about gun rights, and 3Gun competitions. Gun Talk Nation is broug...

  • '93 World Cup Shooting Comp & PSE Desert Shootout

    It's #TimeWarpTuesday: We found a box of old tapes at the office. Old TV shows and videos featuring Grits Gresham and Tom Gresham. Enjoy these blasts from the past.

    Olympic-style shooting competition at the 1993 World Cup, plus top-level archery competition was featured on national television a...

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    First Look

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  • FPD | Season 8

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    First Person Defender puts regular people into force-on-force, self-defense scenarios. FPD puts you inside the fight to defend your life, or the lives of your loved ones.

  • Guns & Gear | Season 12

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    Guns & Gear showcases the latest and greatest products in the firearms industry with interviews, range demonstrations, tips and training techniques.