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  • New Triggers, Cartridges, Stocks, & More; Plus Hunting Bigfoot

    Gun Talk LIVE's Ryan Gresham and Kevin "KJ" Jarnagin aren’t sitting in Las Vegas surrounded by new products, but they ARE going to talk about Timney Triggers NEW Alpha Competition and more gear. Plus, a new bill might entice you to head to the Sooner State: Oklahoma toys with the idea to create a...


    If you’ve thought about night hunting, this is your gear. ATN is known for getting hunters into the still of night with effective gear. Steve Lemenov of ATN joins Guns & Gear LIVE to detail three units that deliver success when the sun goes down, and Ryan Gresham and Kevin "KJ" Jarnagin discuss t...

  • GLOCK Trigger Upgrade with Timney Alpha Series

    Timney Triggers introduces their first pistol trigger - the Alpha Competition Series trigger for GLOCK Gen 3 and Gen 4 pistols (Gen 5 coming soon!). Engineered with input from Team GLOCK captain Shane Coley, this trigger offers a crisp break, positive reset, and consistent takeup. The Alpha Compe...

  • The Breach - Aero Precision's Ambi Charging Handle

    New product alert! Aero Precision releases a new ambidextrous charging handle - the Breach - available in both a small and large handle.
    Find the Aero Precision Breach at http://bit.ly/2M2sA5I.

  • NRA Files for Bankruptcy

    The NRA announced last week that they’re filing for Chapter 11 bankruptcy, and moving the charter from New York to Texas. This follows decades of NRA missteps and questionable activities that have enraged many of its members. Gun Talk Radio’s Tom Gresham shares his initial thoughts.

  • Pistol Presentation - From Holster to Target

    Trainer Chris Cerino demonstrates his shortcut technique for getting a defensive firearm drawn and into the plane of vision as quickly as possible, using the Smith & Wesson M&P Performance Center CORE.

  • FPD | Season 8

    21 videos

    First Person Defender puts regular people into force-on-force, self-defense scenarios. FPD puts you inside the fight to defend your life, or the lives of your loved ones.

  • Guns & Gear | Season 12

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    Guns & Gear showcases the latest and greatest products in the firearms industry with interviews, range demonstrations, tips and training techniques.

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    Gun Talk Nation is both a podcast and a video available from Gun Talk every Wednesday, covering all the topics in the shooting industry.

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