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  • Woman Saves Boyfriend from a Knife Attack

    In this episode: A woman encounters a dangerous situation when taking a class. #SelfDefenseSunday #FirstPersonDefender For your special USCCA membership, go to http://usccapartners.com/guntalk.

  • Is a .410 Shotgun Good for Home Defense?

    Mick asks Tom and the After Show crew about running a .410 shotgun for home defense. Is it good enough to protect your family? What is the ideal shotgun to defend your home?

  • New Pistol Red Dots from Bushnell

    Bushnell's new RXS-250 and RXS-100 reflex sights both offer a crisp 4 MOA red dot and fit a Delta point pro footprint, as well as simple battery access for easy replacement. Battery life for the RXS-100 rings in at 5,000 hours, and the RXS-250 is good for up to 50,000 hours.

  • GunDealio 2020
    3 videos

    GunDealio 2020

    3 videos

    Deal alerts from GunDealio

  • FPD | Season 8
    5 videos

    FPD | Season 8

    5 videos

    First Person Defender puts regular people into force-on-force, self-defense scenarios. FPD puts you inside the fight to defend your life, or the lives of your loved ones.

  • Guns & Gear | Season 12

    40 videos

    Guns & Gear showcases the latest and greatest products in the firearms industry with interviews, range demonstrations, tips and training techniques.

  • GT Hunt 2020
    16 videos

    GT Hunt 2020

    16 videos

  • Gun Talk Live 2020

    23 videos

  • Gun Talk Nation 2020

    19 videos

    Gun Talk Nation is both a podcast and a video available from Gun Talk every Wednesday, covering all the topics in the shooting industry.

  • First Look
    7 videos

    First Look

    7 videos