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  • Chipman is Gone, AAC is Back, and the Great Silencer Name Debate

    The White House has withdrawn its nomination for David Chipman to become the head of BATFE. Plus, Advanced Armament Corporation is coming back, and Chris Cerino steps in for KJ and talks with Ryan Gresham about Top Shot, guns, the debate on what to call a silencer, and more. Gun Talk LIVE is supp...

  • GTR Team Talks About Their GT25 Pistols

    The Gun Talk After Show crew shares the story of pranking one of our very own with the GT25. Plus, their experiences so far with their own GT25 pistols. Find out more on the GT25 at https://www.guntalk.com/gt25.

  • Pro-Gun ABQ Mayoral Candidate

    Eddy Aragon of KIVA AM radio in Albuquerque, New Mexico, joins Gun Talk’s Tom Gresham to chat about his run as a mayoral candidate.

  • New GT25 Pistol in 10mm!

    The latest limited-edition Gun Talk Radio gun - the GT25 - is finally here! Jason Cloessner of Lipsey’s Guns joins Gun Talk’s Tom Gresham to discuss this new SR1911 commander-size 10mm straight from Ruger’s Custom Shop. The GT25 is available exclusively through Dury’s Guns at https://www.durysgu...

  • Attack Inside Local Gun Shop

    In this episode: Customers and employees are caught in the cross-fire when someone gets angry.

    First Person Defender® puts participants in real-life situations with unknown attackers. FPD Season 9 is brought to you by Colt, Crimson Trace, Ruger, Springfield Armory, and SureFire.

  • The Masters - No, Not THAT One!

    It's #TimeWarpTuesday: We found a box of old tapes at the office. Old TV shows and videos featuring Grits Gresham and Tom Gresham. Enjoy these blasts from the past.

    It's time to check out a different Masters event - The Masters International Shooting Championship.

  • Remington Ammo Factory, Rimfire, and Core-Lokt Tipped

    John Trull, Vice President of Product Management for Remington Ammunition, joins Gun Talk's Ryan Gresham to discuss their ammunition operation in Arkansas, the importance of making their own components, rimfire ammo, ammo availability, and the new Core-Lokt Tipped! This Gun Talk Nation is proudly...

  • Know When to Reload by Sight

    Trainer Andrew Blubaugh demonstrates how to use your sights to anticipate a needed reload, using the Springfield Armory XDm and HEX Dragonfly red dot. Buy it now at https://snp.link/50da3ee7.

  • Primary Arms Event, Emergency Prep

    On the road and a different day due to Hurricane Ida, Gun Talk Nation's Ryan Gresham and Michael Davis talk about being prepared for a major disruptive event, cool new gear at the Primary Arms showcase, and more. This Gun Talk Nation is proudly supported by Crossbreed Holsters, Armscor, ATN, Remi...

  • NEW Remington Core-Lokt Tipped

    Remington Ammunition introduces the next generation of their popular Core-Lokt ammo, now available in Core-Lokt Tipped! Offering 15% more accuracy and tested to 500 yards, this Tipped version has a sleeker profile and flatter trajectory.

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    The ninth season of First Person Defender

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    First Look

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