First Person Defender

First Person Defender

9 Seasons

First Person Defender puts regular people into force-on-force, self-defense scenarios. FPD puts you inside the fight to defend your life, or the lives of your loved ones.

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First Person Defender
  • Pistol Presentation - From Holster to Target

    Trainer Chris Cerino demonstrates his shortcut technique for getting a defensive firearm drawn and into the plane of vision as quickly as possible, using the Smith & Wesson M&P Performance Center CORE.

  • Best EDC Flashlight

    SureFire's Andrew Wright discusses some things to consider when looking for the best flashlight for everyday carry.

  • How to Shoot with Both Speed & Accuracy

    Trainer Chris Cerino heads to the range with the Ruger American Pro to discuss shooting with both speed and accuracy, and the importance of getting to know the trigger press on your defensive firearm. #SelfDefense #FirstPersonDefender

  • Good Grip Pressure for Shooting

    Trainer Chris Cerino demonstrates a good grip pressure with both one- and two-handed operation, using the Smith & Wesson Shield EZ that offers a rear grip safety. #SelfDefense #FirstPersonDefender

  • What to Look for In a Self-Defense Firearm

    Trainer Chris Cerino discusses some features and options that he looks for in a firearm for self-defense. #SelfDefense #FirstPersonDefender

  • Using Hidden Compartments for Firearms

    Trainer Chris Cerino discusses placement and positioning of concealment or hidden compartment furniture like the In Plain Sight concealment shelf from Lockdown. Find out more at #SelfDefense #FirstPersonDefender

  • Man Attacked in Parking Garage Last Night

    In this episode: Our Defender is walking to his car one night when he encounters a threat. For your special USCCA membership, go to #FirstPersonDefender #SelfDefense

  • Fight at Local Office Turns Deadly

    In this episode: Our Defender confronts a fight in a parking lot. For your special USCCA membership, go to #FirstPersonDefender #SelfDefenseSunday

  • Office Parking Lot Carjacking

    In this episode: Our Defender is attacked in the parking lot outside of his office. For your special USCCA membership, go to #FirstPersonDefender #SelfDefense

  • Quick Reload Drill for a Micro-Compact

    Trainer Chris Cerino demonstrates an easy way to train for a quick reload of a micro-compact pistol using the Springfield Armory Hellcat.

  • Armed Intruders Attack Father, Son in Home Invasion

    In this episode: A day at home for a father and son is interrupted by armed assailants. For your special USCCA membership, go to #FirstPersonDefender #SelfDefense

  • Child Abducted from Front Yard

    In this episode: Our good guy has to fight off a stranger trying to abduct his son from the front yard. For your special USCCA membership, go to #FirstPersonDefender #SelfDefense

  • Member Stops Gunman in Church Shooting

    Our good guy is thrown into an active shooter situation while attending a church service. For your special USCCA membership, go to #SelfDefenseSunday #FirstPersonDefender

  • Woman Saves Boyfriend from a Knife Attack

    In this episode: A woman encounters a dangerous situation when taking a class. #SelfDefenseSunday #FirstPersonDefender For your special USCCA membership, go to

  • Driving into a Protest Turns Deadly

    In this episode: A ride share unknowingly drives their passenger into an aggressive protest. When guns are drawn, what will the good guy do? #SelfDefenseSunday #FirstPersonDefender

    For the special USCCA membership, go to

  • Man Attacked At Gas Station Pump

    In this episode: At a gas station, our good guy discovers the downside of being too nice. #SelfDefenseSunday #FirstPersonDefender
    For your special USCCA membership, go to

  • Lasers are Great for Training, Defense

    Trainer Chris Cerino demonstrates how he uses a laser to dry fire/live fire to learn the trigger on a new pistol, using Crimson Trace's CMR-201 Universal Fit Rail Master laser. Find one at

  • Too Big to Carry a Small Gun?

    Trainer Chris Cerino offers a few suggestions on carrying and training with a small gun, demonstrating with the Ruger LCP II. Find yours at

  • Benefit of a Weapon-Mounted Light for Concealed Carry

    SureFire's Andrew Wright discusses the benefits of using a weaponlight on your carry gun.

  • Try This Drill to Fix A Common Shooting Issue

    Trainer Chris Cerino demonstrates a "Call Your Shot" drill to fix a common issue of shooting low, using the Springfield Armory XD-M Elite. #SelfDefense #FirstPersonDefender