First Person Defender

First Person Defender

10 Seasons

First Person Defender puts regular people into force-on-force, self-defense scenarios. FPD puts you inside the fight to defend your life, or the lives of your loved ones.

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First Person Defender
  • Shooting To Stop The Threat

    Episode 1

    Gun Talk's Ryan Gresham discusses the importance of shooting until a threat is stopped - a common issue seen throughout the years with Good Guys on the First Person Defender series.

    First Person Defender® puts participants in real-life situations with unknown attackers. FPD Season 9 is brought t...

  • Learn Your Pistol Red Dot

    Episode 2

    First Person Defender's Ryan Gresham discusses the importance of learning to run your gun with a red dot, and demonstrates how a quality red dot can be utilized in a variety of ways to rack the slide, using the Crimson Trace RAD optic. Find yours at and use the code GUNT...

  • Know When to Reload by Sight

    Episode 3

    Trainer Andrew Blubaugh demonstrates how to use your sights to anticipate a needed reload, using the Springfield Armory XDm and HEX Dragonfly red dot. Buy it now at

  • How to Zero a Red Dot

    Episode 4

    Trainer Chris Cerino demonstrates how to zero a red dot on a self-defense pistol, using the Ruger MAX-9. Search for your red dot at, and a MAX-9 at

  • Pocket Carry Tips

    Episode 5

    Trainer Chris Cerino discusses using a .380 for self-defense and offers some tips on carrying a smaller pistol like the Ruger LCP MAX.

  • Easy Way to Find the Red Dot

    Episode 6

    Trainer Chris Cerino explains why he likes about red dot sights, and the fastest way to find the dot when presenting, using Springfield Armory's XD-S and Hex WASP red dot.

  • How To Use Self-Defense Lights

    Episode 7

    Trainer Andrew Blubaugh demonstrates two ways to engage a flashlight and weapon-mounted light to search for a threat using SureFire's Stiletto handheld light and the XC2 weaponlight.

  • When to Engage a Manual Safety

    Episode 8

    Trainer Andrew Blubaugh demonstrates when and how to engage a manual safety in response to a threat, using the Colt Defender 1911.

  • Lasers on Little Guns for Training, Self-Defense

    Episode 9

    Trainer Chris Cerino demonstrates why a laser on a compact carry pistol is a good choice for defense, using the Ruger LCP II and a Viridian green laser

  • Self-Defense Shotgun Direction When Moving?

    Episode 10

    First Person Defender's Ryan Gresham demonstrates why it's best to keep a self-defense shotgun pointed down as you walk your house.

  • Controlling a Micro Pistol

    Episode 11

    Don't be afraid to shoot a micro pistol, or to use two hands to shoot it. Trainer Chris Cerino demonstrates his technique for these mighty mouse firearms using the Ruger LCP II.

  • Pistol Presentation - From Holster to Target

    Episode 12

    Trainer Chris Cerino demonstrates his shortcut technique for getting a defensive firearm drawn and into the plane of vision as quickly as possible, using the Smith & Wesson M&P Performance Center CORE.

  • Best EDC Flashlight

    Episode 13

    SureFire's Andrew Wright discusses some things to consider when looking for the best flashlight for everyday carry.

  • How to Shoot with Both Speed & Accuracy

    Episode 14

    Trainer Chris Cerino heads to the range with the Ruger American Pro to discuss shooting with both speed and accuracy, and the importance of getting to know the trigger press on your defensive firearm. #SelfDefense #FirstPersonDefender

  • Good Grip Pressure for Shooting

    Episode 15

    Trainer Chris Cerino demonstrates a good grip pressure with both one- and two-handed operation, using the Smith & Wesson Shield EZ that offers a rear grip safety. #SelfDefense #FirstPersonDefender

  • Try This Drill to Fix A Common Shooting Issue

    Episode 16

    Trainer Chris Cerino demonstrates a "Call Your Shot" drill to fix a common issue of shooting low, using the Springfield Armory XD-M Elite. #SelfDefense #FirstPersonDefender

  • What to Look for In a Self-Defense Firearm

    Episode 17

    Trainer Chris Cerino discusses some features and options that he looks for in a firearm for self-defense. #SelfDefense #FirstPersonDefender

  • Using Hidden Compartments for Firearms

    Episode 18

    Trainer Chris Cerino discusses placement and positioning of concealment or hidden compartment furniture like the In Plain Sight concealment shelf from Lockdown. Find out more at #SelfDefense #FirstPersonDefender

  • Quick Reload Drill for a Micro-Compact

    Episode 19

    Trainer Chris Cerino demonstrates an easy way to train for a quick reload of a micro-compact pistol using the Springfield Armory Hellcat.

  • Benefit of a Weapon-Mounted Light for Concealed Carry

    Episode 20

    SureFire's Andrew Wright discusses the benefits of using a weaponlight on your carry gun.

  • Using a Flashlight Lanyard with Your Pistol

    Episode 21

    Trainer Greg Lapin demonstrates how to use a flashlight on a lanyard with your pistol.

  • Shooting Support Hand Only

    Episode 22

    One important skill to add to your self-defense training set is shooting only with your support hand. Trainer Greg Lapin demonstrates a drill using Kimber's EVO.

  • How to Use a Shot Timer to Enhance Training

    Episode 23

    One way to take your firearms training to the next level is to use a pro timer. Trainer Greg Lapin explains the benefits and how to use it with the Ruger Custom Shop SR1911 Competition Pistol.

  • Keep Moving While Fixing a Malfunction

    Episode 24

    Trainer Wes Doss demonstrates the importance of continuing to move away from your target if you have a malfunction in the middle of a gun fight, using the Springfield Armory XD-E.