First Person Defender

First Person Defender

10 Seasons

First Person Defender puts regular people into force-on-force, self-defense scenarios. FPD puts you inside the fight to defend your life, or the lives of your loved ones.

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First Person Defender
  • What Would You Do: Parking Lot Carjacking

    Episode 1

    Trainer Chris Cerino runs through a scenario as a carjacker strikes in a parking lot, and then heads to the range to demonstrate using a car as cover AND concealment.

  • What Would You Do: Convenience Store Shooting

    Episode 2

    Trainer Chris Cerino runs through a scenario of a shooting at a convenience store - what he's thinking and why he makes certain decisions - and then heads to the range with to train to the pressure wall.

  • How To Choose a Flashlight for Defense

    Episode 3

    Trainer Greg Lapin goes over what he looks for in a flashlight for self-defense and why, showcasing the SureFire Stiletto and SureFire Backup MV.

  • Good Gun Control

    Episode 4

    Trainer Greg Lapin discusses the good kind of gun control using the Ruger LC9s.

  • Carry an Extra Magazine

    Episode 5

    Trainer Chris Cerino discusses why - and how - to carry an extra magazine.

  • Shooting Underneath a Vehicle

    Episode 6

    Trainer Chris Cerino demonstrates how to go low to shoot underneath a car or truck.

  • Planning for a Defense Situation with your Family

    Episode 7

    Trainier Chris Cerino talks about the need for planning for an emergency or a defensive situation with your family when you are a concealed firearm carrier.

  • Touch Sensation when Training with your Gun

    Episode 8

    Trainer Chris Cerino talks about kinesthetic awareness, or touch sensation, when training and firing your gun.

  • You Don't Need Sights for Self-Defense

    Episode 9

    Trainer Barret Kendrick discusses what to do when you can't use your sights in a close-quarters defensive situation.

  • Safe Appendix Draw

    Episode 10

    Trainer Barret Kendrick demonstrates how to safely draw and holster your gun when appendix-carrying.

  • When Would You Run, Draw, or Shoot?

    Episode 11

    Trainer Chris Cerino discusses the need to figure out where you draw the line in the sand in a defense situation before it happens- at what point would you run, draw, or shoot?

  • Self-Defense Shooting from Inside a Car

    Episode 12

    Trainer Chris Cerino demonstrates how to use the car to your advantage when having to shoot inside the vehicle - whether you are left- or right-handed.

  • Using a Belly Band to Appendix Carry

    Episode 13

    Trainer Chris Cerino shows off how to appendix carry with a belly band.

  • Defensive Pistol - Hammer, or No Hammer

    Episode 14

    Trainer Greg Lapin discusses the pros and cons of carrying a single-action pistol versus a striker-fired pistol.

  • How To Shoot a Gun with your Support-Hand Only

    Episode 15

    Trainer Greg Lapin demonstrates why you need to be trained and prepared to draw and shoot with your support-hand only in a defense situation.

  • Engaging Multiple Targets - Competition v Self-Defense

    Episode 16

    Trainer Greg Lapin wades into the hot topic of engaging with multiple targets - in a competitive situation versus a self-defense situation.

  • Is Pocket Carry Safe?

    Episode 17

    Trainer Greg Lapin talks about an alternative carry method - pocket carry - plus some tips to do so safely.

  • Are Handgun Sights Pointless?

    Episode 18

    Trainer Greg Lapin discusses how close is good enough when utilizing handgun sights for a precision shot in a defense situation.

  • Appendix Carry - Most Reliable Method

    Episode 19

    Trainer Greg Lapin goes over his concealed carry method requirements, and why he thinks appendix carry is the most reliable and safe method.

  • Use a Checklist to Safely Load your Gun

    Episode 20

    Trainer Greg Lapin discusses the importance of developing your checklist for safely loading a firearm.

  • Bonus: Relaxing Too Soon is a Dangerous Mistake

    Episode 21

    Trainer Chris Cerino discusses how relaxing too soon can be a dangerous mistake to make, in this bonus footage from First Person Defender's "Hotel Room Attack" episode.