First Person Defender

First Person Defender

9 Seasons

First Person Defender puts regular people into force-on-force, self-defense scenarios. FPD puts you inside the fight to defend your life, or the lives of your loved ones.

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First Person Defender
  • Young Woman Attacked in Home

    Episode 1

    When faced with an attacker in her home, a young woman must defend herself with a handgun.

  • Permit-Holder Shoots Wrong Person

    Episode 2

    When one customer shoots another in a convenience store, a concealed carry permit-holder shoots the gunman, only to discover she has shot the wrong person.

  • Bystander Attacked by Man Assaulting his Wife

    Episode 3

    An estranged husband violates his restraining order, coming after his wife where she works. An innocent bystander is caught in the middle.

  • Squatter Attacks Home Inspector

    Episode 4

    A man arrives to inspect a home he's considering buying, when he is confronted and assaulted by a squatter.

  • Enraged Man Attacks Store Customers

    Episode 5

    While shopping in a convenience store, a man with a carry permit faces a deranged man whose intentions are unclear.

  • School Shooter Stopped by Concealed Carrier

    Episode 6

    An active shooter attacks students in a community college classroom and is stopped by someone with a carry permit.

  • Home Invasion Foiled by Armed Homeowner

    Episode 7

    A criminal makes a bad choice and breaks into the home of someone who has a gun and knows how to use it.