First Person Defender

First Person Defender

10 Seasons

First Person Defender puts regular people into force-on-force, self-defense scenarios. FPD puts you inside the fight to defend your life, or the lives of your loved ones.

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First Person Defender
  • Man Tries to Steal Hunter's ATV

    Episode 1

    When a hunter heads for his tree stand, a stranger tries to steal his 4-wheeler. Instantly, a fight breaks out, and the good guy gets shot.

  • Man Saves Wife Attacked at Party

    Episode 2

    Our good guy is looking for his wife at a party, and walks directly into a hostile situation.

  • Armed Robber Rounds up Patrons

    Episode 3

    An armed robber herds everyone into the bathroom after taking their wallets. Our good guy thinks he's gone, and decides to check it out.

  • Disgruntled Employee Shoots Up Meeting

    Episode 4

    A mandatory safety meeting that leads to a confrontation between a boss and an employee. The good guy gets involved, and learns a lesson about using cover.

  • Restaurant Fight turns Deadly

    Episode 5

    An argument in a restaurant takes a deadly turn, and our good guy jumps into action.

  • Three Men Shot in Gunfight at Local Bar

    Episode 6

    What to do when you see a fight turn into a shooting? Run? Hide? Fight? What happens when your gun stops working? Our good guy finds out.

  • Gun Store Robbery Turns Into Gunfight

    Episode 7

    A man tries to steal a gun at the gun store, and it turns into a gunfight. Our good guy has to track multiple people with guns, and try to survive.

  • Woman Assaulted in Hotel Push-In

    Episode 8

    Borrowing a news story about a famous news anchor who was attacked in a hotel push-in, we put this retired Marine into the same situation. She was stunned at how quickly it all happened.

  • Backyard BBQ Baseball Bat Attack

    Episode 9

    Our good guy draws quickly on a bat-wielding neighbor: Will he regret the decision to show his hand so early?

  • Man Shoots Attacker at ATM

    Episode 10

    Our good guy is waiting in line at the ATM, when a sudden attack forces a defensive response.

  • Medical Clinic Robbery

    Episode 11

    A man goes to a health clinic looking for drugs. He stabs one of the patients, and a nurse with a fresh carry permit tries to stop him, with varying results.

  • Good Samaritan Finds Armed Man in Friend's House

    Episode 12

    Asked to check on a friend's house while he is away, this First Person Defender good guy finds someone hiding in a closet, and the intruder is armed.

  • Parking Lot Attack Lures Woman to Intervene

    Episode 13

    When she sees someone being stabbed in a parking lot, this good guy rushes in to help, and gets shot for her efforts. Why did she close the distance, and what did she learn?

  • Hostage Taken at Local Park

    Episode 14

    While our good guy is hanging out with a group of friends, good intentions put innocent people in grave danger.