First Person Defender

First Person Defender

10 Seasons

First Person Defender puts regular people into force-on-force, self-defense scenarios. FPD puts you inside the fight to defend your life, or the lives of your loved ones.

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First Person Defender
  • Predator Targets Man in Wheelchair

    Episode 1

    A man in a wheelchair looks like an easy target for a criminal attack. How can he defend himself?

  • Good Samaritan Shot by Accomplice

    Episode 2

    A police officer learns a lesson about situational awareness when the robber in a convenience store has an accomplice.

  • Active Shooter at a Public Meeting

    Episode 3

    A young couple attends a public meeting... only to find themselves in the middle of an active shooter scenario.

  • Intruder Puts Family in Danger

    Episode 4

    A husband and father faces a threat that is all too common. An intruder breaks into the home and puts his family in danger. The police are minutes away, but that's going to be too late.

  • Gun Fight at Fishing Camp

    Episode 5

    The quiet of the outdoors explodes with a violent confrontation. Can the good guys fight their way out of a lethal situation?

  • Woman Attacked in Parking Lot

    Episode 6

    A woman who travels for her job faces a common, and frightening, situation, an attack in a parking lot. Even when anticipating the action, and while she is carrying a handgun, this experienced shooter is startled by the speed and savagery of the assault.

  • Workplace Shooting

    Episode 7

    A man visits his wife at work, only to walk into a killer stalking the halls. Can he get his wife out alive?

  • Sleeping Woman Attacked in Bedroom

    Episode 8

    Many people wear eye glasses or contacts. One challenge they may face is trying to shoot a self-defense gun after being awakened in the middle of the night. Can you identify the threat? Can you see the gun's sights?

  • Home Invasion, or Wrong House?

    Episode 9

    A homeowner confronts an intruder inside his house. The situation isn't clear. Is this a criminal break-in, or just a mistake? Having a light and laser on the pistol, and knowing how to use them, might save a life.

  • Couple Victims of Knockout Game

    Episode 10

    A couple runs smack into the deadly practice known as the knockout game. They learn a hard lesson about protecting themselves and each other.

  • Jogger Assaulted in Local Park

    Episode 11

    An all-too-common story from the news: A young woman jogging alone on a trail is approached by a stranger, and it doesn't take long for it to go badly.

  • Attempted Robbery at Gas Station

    Episode 12

    A woman stops for gas, with her grandchildren in the car. She is approached by a man, and is quickly in a dangerous situation. Can she protect the children?

  • Man Tries to Set Girl on Fire

    Episode 13

    A dad goes looking in the neighborhood for his young daughter, and finds someone trying to set her on fire. Defending her is harder than he thought.

  • Family Interrupts Burglary

    Episode 14

    A family returns home from a shopping trip and walks in on a burglary in progress that quickly escalates to a life or death situation.