FPD | Tips & Training

FPD | Tips & Training

First Person Defender puts regular people into force-on-force, self-defense scenarios. FPD puts you inside the fight to defend your life, or the lives of your loved ones.

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FPD | Tips & Training
  • Safe Appendix Draw

    Trainer Barret Kendrick demonstrates how to safely draw and holster your gun when appendix-carrying.

  • Is the .40 S&W Dead?

    Find out why Ryan Gresham considers the .40 S&W a sweet spot for self-defense guns.

  • Good Gun Control

    Trainer Greg Lapin discusses the good kind of gun control using the Ruger LC9s.

  • How To Choose a Flashlight for Defense

    Trainer Greg Lapin goes over what he looks for in a flashlight for self-defense and why, showcasing the SureFire Stiletto and SureFire Backup MV.

  • What Would You Do: Convenience Store Shooting

    Trainer Chris Cerino runs through a scenario of a shooting at a convenience store - what he's thinking and why he makes certain decisions - and then heads to the range with to train to the pressure wall.

  • What Would You Do: Parking Lot Carjacking

    Trainer Chris Cerino runs through a scenario as a carjacker strikes in a parking lot, and then heads to the range to demonstrate using a car as cover AND concealment.

  • What Would You Do: School Shooting

    Trainer Michelle Cerino runs through a scenario of a shooting at school, and then trains to shoot through a barrier.

  • Choosing the Right Backstrap Size for Your Grip

    Many defensive pistols come with a few interchangeable backstrap or grip options. How do you choose the right size? Ryan Gresham heads to the range to demonstrate how he chooses a backstrap, using the Smith & Wesson M&P.

  • Yes, You Should Use a Silencer on your Home Defense Rifle

    Ryan Gresham demonstrates why a silencer is needed for your home defense rifle, using Sig Sauer's TREAD.

  • Precision Shots - Pistol vs. Carbine

    Ryan Gresham tests his shooting skills for speed and accuracy pitting Ruger's American Pistol against Ruger's PCC.

  • Is It Dangerous to Carry a 1911 Cocked and Locked?

    Short answer, No! With the proper training and practice, the 1911 is a great option for self-defense, including the lightweight Ruger SR1911 Commander-Style in 9mm.

  • Carry Guns for Animal Defense

    What gun do you or would you carry for defense against bears, lions, wolves? Have you considered a 10mm? Ryan Gresham demonstrates with Springfield's XD(m) in 10mm.

  • Snubnosed Revolvers for Concealed Carry

    Ryan Gresham demonstrates the effectiveness of a short-barrel revolver in a self-defense situation at 5 feet, 10 feet, and 15 feet.

  • Self-Defense Barricade Drill

    Kevin "KJ" Jarnagin demonstrates a barricade drill and discusses how he outfitted his Sig M400 TREAD with accessories.

  • Snubby .22 for your Defense Toolbox

    Ryan Gresham discusses why a snubby revolver like Ruger's LCR should be in your defensive toolbox.

  • Training to Shoot a DASA Firearm

    One of the fundamentals to focus on when training is the trigger. Using a Double-Action/Single-Action trigger is something you need to train on. Here, trainer Chris Cerino demonstrates his 'Sideways Gun' drill for using a DA/SA trigger using the Kimber K6S.

  • Extended Mag Drop Technique

    Trainer Chris Cerino demonstrates an extended magazine drop using Springfield's XD-S.

  • What Does Trigger Control Really Mean?

    Trainer Greg Lapin demonstrates what trigger control - AKA "Trigger Flick" - looks like using the Smith & Wesson Performance Center M&P Shield EZ.

  • Sight Control

    Trainer Greg Lapin discusses sight control, and uses Smith & Wesson's M&P Shield Performance Center firearm to demonstrate front sight manipulation.

  • Using a Flashlight for Self-Defense

    Trainer Greg Lapin demonstrates different ways to utilize a flashlight as a defensive tool using SureFire's Stiletto rechargeable LED flashlight.

  • Shooting a Steady Revolver

    Speed Shooting Champion Jerry Miculek demonstrates how to shoot a steady revolver using Smith & Wesson's 610 in 10mm.

  • Keep Moving While Fixing a Malfunction

    Trainer Wes Doss demonstrates the importance of continuing to move away from your target if you have a malfunction in the middle of a gun fight, using the Springfield Armory XD-E.

  • How to Use a Shot Timer to Enhance Training

    One way to take your firearms training to the next level is to use a pro timer. Trainer Greg Lapin explains the benefits and how to use it with the Ruger Custom Shop SR1911 Competition Pistol.

  • Shooting Support Hand Only

    One important skill to add to your self-defense training set is shooting only with your support hand. Trainer Greg Lapin demonstrates a drill using Kimber's EVO.