Gun Talk 2021

Gun Talk 2021

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Gun Talk 2021
  • A Guide to Chokes and Patterning Your Shotgun

    Why is it important to pattern your shotgun? Gun Talk's Ryan Gresham nerds out doing some shotgun patterning with Benelli's Super Black Eagle 3 semi-auto shotgun, and discusses the shim kit that comes with the SBE3 to make adjustments to fit the shotgun to your shooting. He then runs through some...

  • What Exactly is Twist Rate?

    What is twist rate when talking about your rifle barrel, and why does it matter to you? Gun Talk's Ryan Gresham uses the Ruger American to describe what twist rate is, and why it's important to know so you can pair your rifle and ammo for the perfect shot.

  • New Hunter Training Course, from Range to Field

    Experience the new First-Time Hunter Course at FTW Ranch with Gun Talk's Ryan Gresham and his daughter, Parker. Over the course of four days, the class learns about their gear, spotting, stalking, tracking, game and hunting laws, ecology, field dressing, meat processing, cooking and more. Follow ...

  • Reloading 101: Exploring Different Gun Powders

    Gun Talk's Kevin "KJ" Jarnagin talks with Chris Cerino about Hodgdon Powder's variety of gun powders - what makes each different from burn rate to ball size, how to choose which one to use in your reload, and how easy it is to use the data at Hodgdon's reloading website to find the perfect formul...

  • 12ga versus 20ga Shotgun - How Do You Choose?

    Gun Talk's Ryan Gresham showcases the differences and similarities between a 12ga and a 20ga, including application and shotshell for each, using Benelli's Super Black Eagle 3 shotguns.

  • Do You Still Need to Tap the Scope?

    Do you need to "tap" your scope after adjusting it? Gun Talk's Ryan Gresham uses Ruger's American Rifle to demonstrate this throwback technique of scope adjustment, and offers an updated way of ensuring reticle placement.

  • Reloading 101: How To Get Started

    Gun Talk's Tom Gresham walks through the main points of becoming a reloader. He showcases some of the equipment and components needed, and discusses Hodgdon's reloading site for all the load information you need. Find reloading data at

  • Gun Safety Tips While Hunting

    There are four important gun safety rules to follow as a gun owner. Gun Talk's Ryan Gresham demonstrates some different ways to follow the safety rules while out in the field and hunting with a rifle or shotgun, including the "Laser Rule" to help you visualize using Ruger's American Rifle.
    The fo...

  • Follow Faxon From Factory to Firearm

    Gun Talk's Kevin "KJ" Jarnagin tours the Faxon Firearms factory in Ohio, and discovers how Faxon came to be, and what drives the company to create the long line of upgrades, customizations, and add-ons they offer today. Then, GT's Ryan Gresham shows off the custom options that he chose.

  • Upgrade Your Shotgun Sight with HIVIZ

    Install a HIVIZ Shooting Systems shotgun sight with minimal effort for maximum results! The new LiteWave H3 CompSight utilizes a combination of fiber optic and Tritium for day and night performance all in one sight system. HIVIZ offers a variety of sights for your shotguns, handguns, and rifles.

  • *NEW* Mossberg 590S Pump Action Shotgun

    Take a first look at the Mossberg 590S pump-action shotgun: Available in a few different models, the 590S cycles 1.75″, 2.75″, or 3″ shells in any combination! It also features an M-LOK forend, adjustable ghost ring sights, a top-mounted safety, and a few redesigns from the original 590. Find out...

  • How To Choose Your AR Barrel

    Building an AR? Get help choosing the right barrel - Clint Hanson of Ballistic Advantage talks with Gun Talk's Ryan Gresham about the different barrels offered by Ballistic Advantage, and how to choose the right one for your build.

  • Wheeler Tools for an AR Build

    Gun Talk's Ryan Gresham runs through some of the tools from Wheeler that make your AR build a little easier. Find these tools at the links below, and use the code GUNTALK10 for 10% off:
    Wheeler AR Pivot Pin/Roll Pin Install Tool -
    Delta Series Mag Well Vise Block - https...

  • Hunting Antelope with Benelli's LUPO Bolt-Action Rifle

    Enjoy the journey of a recent antelope hunt in Wyoming with Benelli's first bolt-action rifle - the LUPO. This hunting rifle is packed with features that allow for a customized fit, and offers a 3-shot sub-MOA guarantee.

  • FPD-Z: When Zombies Attack

    After a full day of filming First Person Defender, Ryan and KJ pack up to head home when something strange happens... Watch and find out.... if you DARE!

    Note: No real guns were used in this video. These were unloaded paintball guns. All gunshots are visual effects, not real. No zombies were hur...

  • RAD Red Dots from Crimson Trace

    Looking for a red dot? Crimson Trace recently held an event at Gunsite Academy featuring their ten new RAD (Rapid Aiming Dot) red dot optic options: four for micro CC pistols, four for full-size pistols, and two for carbines and shotguns. Durable, with recessed glass, these red dots were put to t...

  • FPD-Z: When Zombies Attack Trailer

    Find out what happens at 6PM Central this Thursday, October 28th .... if you dare...

  • 5 Tips for New Hunters to Ensure Success

    New to hunting? Gun Talk's Ryan Gresham run downs five top tips to help those new to hunting, or who want to introduce someone to hunting.

  • Must-Have Gear for a Backcountry Hunt

    What gear is a must-have for a backcountry hunt? Gun Talk's Kevin "KJ" Jarnagin walks you through the items he won't leave home without. Find the gear he talks about at the links below.
    Leupold Santiam BX-5 10X42mm -
    Leupold RX-1400i Rangefinder -

  • Shooting From an Unstable Position & Making a Great Shot

    Team Sig competitive shooter and world champion Daniel Horner shares tips for shooting from an unstable position, and making that perfect shot.

  • Primary Arms Range Day with Faxon, HK, & ODIN Works

    Gun Talk's Ryan Gresham attended a range day with Primary Arms. Check out an ODIN Works suppressor, the new HK MP5 rimfire and VP9L pistol, plus the HK SP5, and a whole lot of fun ones from Faxon Firearms. Find your favorites at

  • An Inside Look at the Remington Ammunition Factory

    Gun Talk's Ryan Gresham traveled to Remington's Loanoke, Arkansas, ammunition plant to see the entire process of how handgun, rifle, and shotgun rounds are made from start to finish, including a look at the famed "Shot Tower" and the new Core-Lokt Tipped hunting rounds.

  • Importance of Having a Good Zero, and Other Shooting Tips

    Team Sig competitive shooter and world champion Daniel Horner shares some of the shooting tips that he's discovered over the years, including the importance of getting your gun calibrated correctly and shooting stable, and using a laser rangefinder.

  • The GT25 Ruger SR1911 in 10mm

    You've heard about it on Tom Gresham's Gun Talk - Now see it in action! It's the limited-edition GT25 Ruger Custom Shop SP1911 10mm. Find out how the GT25 came to be, and what makes it special. Buy yours today at