Gun Talk 2022

Gun Talk 2022

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Gun Talk 2022
  • Reloading 101: Do NOT Do These Things

    What DON'T you want to do when reloading ammunition? Gun Talk's Tom Gresham runs through some helpful hints for reloading, including what not to do and why. Be safe when reloading, and use the data at Hodgdon's reloading website ( to find the perfect formula.

  • Choosing the Right Rifle for Young Hunters

    A few tips on setting up a hunting rifle for a youth or smaller-stature shooter from Gun Talk's Ryan Gresham, using the Ruger American Compact and Hawkeye FTW Hunter.

  • *NEW* Springfield Armory Hellion 5.56 Bullpup

    The new Springfield Armory Hellion 5.56 is based on the VHS-2 bullpup platform, has fully ambidextrous controls including a reversible ejection system, and offers integrated flip-up sights, a BCMGUNFIGHTER Mod 3 grip, nine M-Lok slots for accessories, and a five-position adjustable stock. Head to...

  • Gun Talk Is Growing - New Office, Studio, and Training Facility

    Gun Talk's Ryan Gresham shows off his very own slaughter house turned HQ! Gun Talk is moving to a 10 acre spot in southeast Louisiana, upgrading the office and studio, and adding a training facility and ranges. The new Gun Talk headquarters and Range Ready facility will have a classroom, shoot ho...

  • NEW Vortex Razor HD GEN III Riflescope

    Brand new from Vortex - the Razor HD GEN III riflescope! Ryan Muckenhirn and Mark Boardman of Vortex Optics are joined by Gun Talk's Kevin "KJ" Jarnagin and Matt Johnson during a recent visit to Vortex to check out the latest product launch and discuss the major updates from the GEN II to the GEN...

  • *NEW* Smith & Wesson CSX Hammer-Fired 9mm

    It's a brand new platform from Smith & Wesson - The CSX hammer-fired, micro 9mm. The CSX offers an aluminum alloy metal frame, ambi-thumb safety, interchangeable backstraps, changeable mag release button, and an ambi-slide stop, and comes with a 10 round magazine or an extended 12 round mag. Gun ...

  • What Is Scope Shadow, and How Do You Fix It?

    Why is fixing scope shadow important when you shoot? Gun Talk's Ryan Gresham uses his Ruger American Rifle to explain what scope shadow is, why you don't want it, and how you can fix it for the perfect shot.