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Watch this video and more on Gun Talk

Watch this video and more on Gun Talk

Range Ready Tip: Carbine Positional Shooting

Gun Talk 2023 • 2m 46s

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  • Carbine Positional Shooting Drill

    In this First Person Defender® Training Tip, presented by HK, Chris Cerino is discussing and demonstrating a handy rifle/carbine drill that focuses on multiple positions. Chris is using an HK MR556 rifle for this demonstration.

    First Person Defender® puts participants in real-life situations wit...

  • Range Ready Tip: Accuracy = Everything

    In this Range Ready Training Tip, presented by Ruger, instructor Chris Cerino is discussing and demonstrating the importance of accuracy and trigger discipline. This is imperative knowledge for defensive pistol shooting.

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  • Cerino’s Pistol Confidence Drill

    Gun Talk’s Chris Cerino is demonstrating a helpful drill for creating confidence for pistol shooters. Chris is utilizing the fine-shooting Savage Arms Stance 9mm pistol, and this is a useful training drill for increasing your skills.

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