Gun Talk Nation 2021

Gun Talk Nation 2021

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Gun Talk Nation 2021
  • Timney's GLOCK Competition Trigger; Competitive Advantages

    Is your preparation for a shooting match lacking? Gun Talk Nation's Ryan Gresham sits down with Team GLOCK captain and pro shooter Shane Coley to discuss the creation of the new Alpha Competition Series GLOCK Gen 3/4 trigger from Timney Triggers, how he prepares for a competition, and more. Gun T...

  • Are Custom Builds Worth It?

    Are you looking at getting your first custom rifle? Todd Bonura of Maniacal Arms sits down with Gun Talk's Ryan Gresham to discuss custom rifles, and custom gunsmithing gone wrong. Todd also dives into the growing market for crossover firearms that dance the line between hunting and precision fir...

  • Gun Trends for 2021; Funny Gun Shop Tales

    Gun Talk Nation's Kevin "KJ" Jarnagin talks with Jason Cloessner from Lipsey's Guns about some of his favorite tales from the gun shops, 2021 firearm trends, ammo, and more.