Gun Talk Radio 2022

Gun Talk Radio 2022

Tom Gresham's Gun Talk Radio excerpts from 2022

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Gun Talk Radio 2022
  • Why Replacing Wayne Is So Difficult

    Gun Talk Radio's Tom Gresham talks with former NRA board member Rocky Marshall about why so many are calling for LaPierre to be replaced as the head of the NRA, and also why it's proving difficult to make it happen.

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  • Lee Newton on Ruger No. 1 Rifles

    Classic Sporting Arms' Lee Newton talks Ruger No. 1 single-shot rifles with Gun Talk Radio's Tom Gresham.

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  • The Importance of Fitness For Shooters

    HIVIZ Shooting System's Tes Salb talks with Gun Talk Radio's Tom Gresham about the importance of fitness for competitive shooters, and the variety of disciplines that will aid in a person's overall fitness levels that improve your shooting prowess.

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  • Gun Control & ‘Compromises’

    Gun Talk Radio's Tom Gresham discusses the current "compromise" at the federal level regarding new gun laws, and what he's willing to “compromise” on…starting with repealing half of the gun control laws.

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  • Comparing the First & Second Amendments

    How are the First and Second Amendments similar, and how are they different? UCLA Professor of Law and Volokh Conspiracy creator, Eugene Volokh, examines the Second Amendment and compares it to free speech. Gun Talk Radio’s Tom Gresham and Eugene explore the necessity of each amendment. How do we...

  • Nigerian Gun Laws Enabled Attack

    The media drastically influences public opinion. The media brushes the topics that they wish to cover with broad strokes and sweeps away those of lesser values. Journalist David Cordrea joins Gun Talk Radio’s Tom Gresham to offer his view on the gun laws that enabled the attack on parishioners in...

  • Buyback Programs Turned Upside Down

    Clark Aposian views “buyback” programs a bit differently. Clark joins Gun Talk Radio’s Tom Gresham to discuss a recent buyback program that turned guns that were turned in, repurposed, and put into the hands of trained teachers.

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  • What to Buy with $300

    If you had $300 to spend on guns and accessories, what would you buy? Patrick calls in to Gun Talk Radio to work through his problem. First, he asks Tom Gresham how often he and other listeners go out and check his flashlight batteries. Patrick’s final question is what he should do with $300 extr...

  • Congressman Steve Scalise on Guns

    Congressman Steve Scalise, who survived an assassination attempt and mass shooting, joins Gun Talk Radio’s Tom Gresham on the fifth anniversary of the attempt on his life, and explains why he isn’t against firearms. Tom and Steve discuss how “good guys and gals with guns” are needed to defend our...

  • Uvalde Response: A Complete System Failure

    Security expert Wayne Black joins Tom Gresham on Gun Talk Radio to examine the Uvalde murders. Continued attacks on soft targets remain the focus. Tom and Wayne share thoughts on how this attack unfolded, who failed badly, and all of the system breakdowns that could have been avoided.

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  • Marlin is Back, What’s New?

    What does the new Marlin look like? Eric Lundgren joins Tom Gresham on Gun Talk Radio to chat about the return of Marlin Firearms. Eric and Tom discuss the new 1895 SBL and 1895 Trapper and Eric examines what’s on the horizon for Marlin. The pair also talk about what shooters should expect from M...

  • SureFire’s New Turbo Series & More

    SureFire makes a wide variety of products, which include suppressors, muzzle devices, handheld lights, and weapon lights. Andrew Wright of SureFire joins Tom Gresham on Gun Talk Radio to discuss the importance of a good weaponlight and what you need to know when you’re looking for one. Plus, don’...

  • Silencers for a Better Shooting Experience

    Are silencers better for shooting guns? Andrew Sorenson of Silencer Central joins Tom Gresham on Gun Talk Radio to explain the reason you want to use a silencer to better the shooting experience. New shooters appreciate the value of not having to deal with muzzle flash, loud guns, or heavy recoil...

  • NEW Taurus 856 Executive Grade & G3 Tactical

    This is not the Taurus you remember. Cody Osborn joins Tom Gresham on Gun Talk Radio to discuss what’s new with the company, including their move to Bainbridge, Georgia. Plus, Taurus scored a couple huge hits at NRAAM 22, as the Taurus 856 Executive Grade and G3 Tactical recently launched to grea...

  • The Benefits of Competitive Shooting

    Have you thought about taking up competitive shooting, and how much do you know about the 38 Super? Team Ruger’s Doug Koenig joins Tom Gresham on Gun Talk Radio to discuss the 38 Super, and what he’s been doing in the competitive shooting world. Plus, Tom and Doug talk about PRS, thoughts on reco...

  • Everything New from Remington Ammo

    If you’re looking for new upland or waterfowl ammo this episode is for you. Joel Hodgdon joins Tom Gresham on Gun Talk Radio to discuss upland and waterfowl ammunition that’s been developed for the serious hunter. Gun Club Cure is a project that has been introduced by Remington to benefit childre...

  • What’s New with Brownells?

    What do you know about Brownells and do you plan on building a new AR? Ryan Repp joins Tom Gresham on Gun Talk Radio to discuss what’s new with the popular company that produces the BRN-180 and sells all of the top brands of firearms, parts and gear. Ryan and Tom chat about what the BRN-180 is al...

  • Springfield Armory’s Firstline Program

    Rob Leatham of Springfield Armory joins Gun Talk Radio’s Tom Gressham on the show floor of the NRAAM to chat about Springfield Armory and the Firstline discount program. If you are in public service - law enforcement, fire, medical, military, judicial, aviation - Springfield Armory is proud to an...

  • What Makes a Good Barrel?

    How good is your AR barrel? Ballistic Advantage began as a custom barrel maker, rather than mass-producing AR barrels. Adam Wainio, CEO of Ballistic Advantage, joins Tom Gresham on Gun Talk Radio to talk about what makes a good AR barrel. Ballistic Advantage makes barrels for several different pl...

  • The 6mm Creedmoor Story

    How much do you know about the 6mm Creedmoor? John Snow, Shooting Editor of Outdoor Life, joins Tom Gresham on Gun Talk Radio to talk about the history and usefulness of the 6mm Creedmoor. Many people don’t realize the effectiveness of the 6mm as a competition cartridge for PRS shooting. Tom and ...

  • Supreme Court Decision Could Change Everything

    Attorney Don Kilmer joins Tom Gresham on Gun Talk Radio to discuss an upcoming decision by the Supreme Court that could change everything. New York State Rifle & Pistol Association Inc. vs. Bruen has big implications in our fight to maintain the Second Amendment. Tom and Don also discuss a case i...

  • Do You Need Carry Insurance?

    Should you have concealed carry insurance? PJ Hermosa of U.S. LawShield joins Gun Talk Radio’s Tom Gresham on the show to discuss the armed citizens’ responsibility to protect themselves legally. Plus, what happens when a shooting happens and what should the concealed carrier do after the inciden...

  • A Replacement for Wayne LaPierre?

    Is it possible to replace Wayne LaPierre? Lt. Col. Allen West wants to replace the entrenched NRA leader and joins Gun Talk Radio to discuss this topic with Tom Gresham. Tom and Col. West cover why Wayne needs to go, and how he can be replaced.

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  • Should Police Switch to Rubber Bullets?

    Should police abandon traditional ammunition and switch their rounds to rubber bullets? A caller dials in to Gun Talk Radio to talk with Tom Gresham as to why police should consider non-lethal ammunition. There are many reasons why this logic is flawed, which Tom covers in depth.

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