Gun Talk Radio 2022

Gun Talk Radio 2022

Tom Gresham's Gun Talk Radio excerpts from 2022

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Gun Talk Radio 2022
  • Accuracy Issues With a Revolver?

    Al has a problem with his revolver. His .44 Special is having accuracy issues, and he calls in to ask what would Tom do? Al has gone through everything to get the old Taurus to shoot but isn’t having luck getting it to shoot. Find out what Tom suggests to get Al’s gun to shoot.

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  • What’s New With Colt?

    What’s new with Colt Firearms and CZ USA? Paul Spitale joins the show to discuss the newest innovation from Colt and CZ. With many new products in demand, Spitale shares his thoughts on current lead times on popular firearms. Plus, the duo chats about new products coming down the pipeline.

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  • Best Round for Home Defense?

    There is a healthy fear of rounds over penetrating walls during a home defense situation. John calls in to find out what is the best home defense round. Tom and John discuss what’s best to defend your home without over penetration.

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  • 7mm PRC: Innovation or Hype?

    Should you consider the 7mm PRC? Ryan Cleckner joins the show to discuss the new offering. Is this new cartridge innovation at its finest, or all hype? Ryan and Tom provide a look into the newest offering from Hornady. The duo also discuss the finer points of becoming a better shooter.

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  • Is It Legal to Carry and Ride a Motorcycle?

    Nick calls in to ask an important question. Is it legal to carry on a motorcycle? Tom explains where to find the regulations when it comes to carrying firearms. To learn more about state-by-state carry laws, visit:

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  • Oregon's Gun Control Disaster

    Oregon’s Ballot Measure 114 is an absolute disaster. Gun Talk Radio’s Tom Gresham and guest Ron Willis discuss how Measure 114 would be the death of Oregon gun stores. A federal Injunction has been filed. On December 2nd, a judge will look into the validity of Measure 114. Plus, Gene and Annie ca...

  • Why We Need More Female Instructors

    In this segment - a ranging discussion on why we need more female firearm instructors.

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  • Accuracy = Everything: Sierra Bullets

    Sierra Bullets expands capacity, bringing accurate bullets as well as loaded ammunition to shooters. Sierra’s John O’Brien joins Gun Talk Radio’s Tom Gresham for this segment.

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  • Great Deals at Brownells

    Roy Hill of Brownells runs down some of the special deals available on guns, ammo and accessories with Gun Talk Radio’s Tom Gresham. You’ll definitely want to check out Brownells’ selection of new Christensen Arms barreled actions.

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  • Norma Ammo Making U.S. Impact

    Known worldwide, Norma Ammunition is making big inroads into the U.S. market. Norma’s Michelle Owens joins Gun Talk Radio’s Tom Gresham to talk about the big impact Norma is making, Michelle’s own training classes and much more.

    Learn more at:

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  • The New Equalizer From S&W

    Dave O’Connor of Smith & Wesson joins Gun Talk Radio’s Tom Gresham to chat about the new Equalizer pistol. Does this check all the boxes for concealed carry and home defense? Dave and Tom discuss how the Equalizer is different from the Smith & Wesson Shield EZ.

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  • Hunting With the Ruger SFAR

    Gun Talk’s Ryan Gresham provides a range report on the Ruger Small Frame Autoloading Rifle (SFAR). The Scimitar Oryx hunt tests the capabilities of the Ruger SFAR both in power and carriability. Ryan details how the hunt played out, and how well the AR-10 SFAR worked on the adventure. Plus, Ryan ...

  • A Frigid Birthday Buck for Tom

    Gun Talk Radio’s Tom Gresham celebrates his birthday with a DIY public land mule deer. Battling frigid temperatures, Tom endured the weather to take a nice buck in the backcountry. Find out what his hunt looked like from gear to tactics. Plus, Tom found a unique device that helped him stay steady...

  • What Happened to the ‘Red Wave?’

    It wasn’t the result we expected. The “red wave” never occurred. How did this happen, and what does this mean moving forward? Gun Talk Radio’s Tom Gresham dives into his thoughts behind the midterm election results.

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  • Shotguns for Home Defense?

    Listener Robin calls in to Gun Talk Radio and asks Tom Gresham a few questions regarding shotguns for home defense, specifically for female shooters.

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  • In Defense of John Lott

    Gun rights advocate, author and researcher John Lott has again come under fire by the gun ban movement yet again. As Gun Talk Radio’s Tom Gresham says, “If the gun ban industry is calling you out, then you’re doing something right…”

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  • Elk Hunting: How to Get Started

    Listener Matt calls in to Gun Talk Radio to ask about how to get started with elk hunting and the hunting community. Tom Gresham has some helpful advice.

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  • Steve Scalise on Gun Owner Votes

    Congressman Minority Whip Steve Scalise (R, LA Dist. 1) joined Gun Talk Radio’s Tom Gresham to discuss the role of gun owners in this year’s midterm elections.

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  • New ‘Gun Owner Group’ - Same False Claims

    A new “non-partisan gun owner group” claims that 97% of gun owners want more restrictive gun control laws. Gun Talk Radio’s Tom Gresham blows the lid off of their research, their funding, and their ultimate goal.

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  • Midterm Elections & Gun Rights

    Alan Gottlieb of the Second Amendment Foundation joins Gun Talk Radio’s Tom Gresham to discuss the midterm elections and how it will affect gun rights.

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  • Range Report: Range Ready Carbine Class

    Want to know what it’s like to take a Range Ready course? Juan calls in to provide a first-hand look at what it’s like to engage in a Range Ready Course. Juan and Tom discuss the latest Daniel Defense Carbine course with training by renowned firearms trainer Chris Cerino.

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  • Black Hills Ammo Update

    What’s new in the world of ammo? Jeff Hoffman of Black Hills ammo dishes on his experience with .454 Casull and muskrat extermination. Plus, Jeff has been messing with some new ammo options for all types of firearms. What does this mean for folks wishing to change their current loads? Jeff and To...

  • CNN Adds ‘Gun Guy’

    Why would CNN add a gun expert to its staff? Tom explores the move from the liberal network to add Stephen Gutowski. Stephen and Tom discuss why the addition is important to further the knowledge and education of firearm coverage at the major news outlet.

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  • Oregon’s Ludicrous Ballot Measure 114

    Oregon voters face a particularly nasty measure on the ballot in November with Ballot Measure 114. Oregon Firearms Federation’s Kevin Starrett joins Gun Talk Radio’s Tom Gresham to explain.

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