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2 Seasons

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Gun Talk Television
  • Lady 3-Gun Pro-Am Challenge

    Episode 1

    On this episode, we head to the Inaugural Brownells Ladys 3-Gun Pro-Am Challenge, where female shooters, both professional and amateur, from all over the country converge in Covington, GA, to participate in the matches, and enjoy the camaraderie with fellow competitors.

  • Total Recoil

    Episode 2

    Examining recoil: what causes it, and how to control it. Gun makers, ammo makers, and pro-shooting champions discuss guns and loads ranging from the everyday 9mm, to the heavy-kicking .505 Gibbs.

  • Safe Surprise

    Episode 3

    We put out the call for nominations: A person who deserved to win a day of training with Chris Cerino. The winner had no idea what was waiting for him when he arrived home! A National Guardsman's wife wrote the winning nomination, and her husband was prepared for a day at the range with trainer C...

  • Self-Defense Training Tips

    Episode 4

    Two top trainers, Greg Lapin with VATA Group and Chris Cerino of Cerino Consulting and Training Group, demonstrate self-defense training skills.
    Covering everything from malfunction drills and mag reloads, to exercises like the Farmer's Walk, the Bag Toss, and Buddy Carry, the trainers take to th...

  • Ballistic Battle

    Episode 5

    What's better? 12 gauge vs. 20 gauge, 9mm versus .45, revolver versus semi-auto. The age old argument continues today, as we examine all of them in ballistic battles!
    Tom Gresham and Chris Cerino battle it out on the range with semi-autos vs. revolvers, 12 gauge vs. 20 gauge, lasers vs. iron sigh...

  • Bianchi Cup: A Family Affair

    Episode 6

    Follow trainer Chris Cerino and his family as they attend the Bianchi Cup, an action pistol competition drawing top shooters from around the world to Columbia, Missouri every May. This one-time invitation only tournament is now a place where professionals, amateurs, and their families come to com...

  • Black Hills Cowboys

    Episode 7

    Tom Gresham travels to the Black Hills of South Dakota for an in-depth look at the historically-accurate Black Hills Ammunition made for Cowboy Action Shooting competitions and manage to get some rounds down range in the process. Gresham is joined by Black Hills Ammunition owner Jeff Hoffman and ...

  • Hunters Prep

    Episode 8

    A mother and son head to the FTW Ranch in Texas hill country to undergo a course that will put their rifles, and themselves, to the test. With its varied terrain and experienced instructors, FTW Ranch creates a realistic training experience for shooters participating in the SAAM Precision Trainin...