GunDealio 2020

GunDealio 2020

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GunDealio 2020
  • A New Way to Clean Silencers

    Frankford Arsenal makes it easy to clean brass... AND your suppressors! Kevin "KJ" Jarnagin offers up his quick and easy way to clean his suppressor using a rotary tumbler. Find yours at

  • A Special Ambi Charging Handle for Suppressed Guns

    The Radian Raptor Slim Line Vented Ambidextrous AR-15 Charging Handle offers textured unlocking latches on either side of the charging handle to quickly charge your AR-15 from either side of the gun, and is vented to reduce blowback. Get yours today at Primary Arms

  • Olight Flash Sale

    Olight is hosting a flash sale for 28 hours, starting at 8pm ET on 9.24.20. Visit Olight for all of the products included in the flash sale, or use the code “guntalk10” on any product not on sale:

  • Extra Parts Kit for AR Builds

    The Aero Precision Fix-It Kit gets you the most commonly lost parts to finish your build. All parts in the Fix-It kit are compatible with AR15, M4E1 and M5 builds. Find it at

  • Easily Change Your GLOCK Mag Base Plate

    Tyrant Designs recently launched GLOCK magazine base plates available in a variety of colors to upgrade your pistol's look. Find yours at