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  • Black Hills Ammunition: How It All Began

    Episode 1

    An in-depth look at the life of Jeff & Kristi Hoffman and the birth of Black Hills Ammunition, from newbies who couldn't get a loan in the early days to a company that now holds many contracts with the U.S. Military.

  • Competition Ready with the Canik TP9SFx

    Episode 2

    The Canik TP9SFx is ready for your next competition right out of the box with all the upgrades you want, and a price tag you'll love. Did you know? Canik started as an aerospace company, and entered the world of firearms a decade ago, partnering with Century Arms to import the handguns in from Tu...

  • Sig Sauer Sub-Sonic and Super-Sonic .300 BLK Ammo

    Episode 3

    Like the .300 Blackout? Check out the variety of loads from Sig Sauer! New .300 BLK rounds include super-sonic 120-grain and sub-sonic polymer tipped for hunting.

  • Springfield 911 Alpha for Every Day Carry

    Episode 4

    Easy to shoot and can be carried anywhere - The Springfield Armory 911 Alpha in .380 (or 911 in 9mm or .380) is based on a 1911 but in a small package. Plus, a tip on how to properly hold a small gun from Rob Leatham.

  • Easy and Inexpensive Trigger Upgrade: Timney's Impact AR Trigger

    Episode 5

    Timney Triggers AR Impact is a value-priced single-stage 3lb trigger that's easy to install for more accurate shots from your AR rifle.

  • Long Range Riflescopes from Crimson Trace

    Episode 6

    Crimson Trace has introduced a series of long range rifle scopes, ranging from 1-4x to 3-24x magnification. Crimson Trace riflescopes offers EZ Mount Leveling Indicators, red alignment ring for proper eye placement, AND are part of the FREE Batteries For Life program and are covered under the Lif...

  • Remington's 783 Varmint, Plus a Factory Tour

    Episode 7

    Touring Remington's factory and gun library in Alabama, with a special focus on the Remington 783 Varmint entry-level rifle with laminate stock, detachable box magazine, picatinny rail, and an oversized bolt handle, available in a variety of cartridges.

  • SIG's 9mm MPX Copperhead

    Episode 8

    Sig Sauer's ultra-compact MPX Copperhead is the smallest MPX available, but has all the features of the full-size models.

  • T4E Rifles, Pistols and Ammo for Training

    Episode 9

    Umarex offers up a number of pellet, bb, airsoft, and paintball training rifles and handguns that mimic the feel of real firearms, including the T4E (Training for Engagement) line of rifles that utilize a mix of rubber ball, powder ball, or paint ball marking cartridges, handguns that use paint b...

  • ATN's Value-Priced Thermal Riflescope

    Episode 10

    ATN's ThOR LT is an inexpensive thermal scope to get into nighttime hog hunting - Ready to mount, zero in, and go.

  • Ruger Security 9 Compact - Easy and Affordable Every Day Carry

    Episode 11

    Ruger's line of Security 9 pistols now includes a Compact version, ships with two ten-round magazines with the option to purchase 15 round magazines for training.

  • Get your MSR Start with Smith & Wesson's M&P15 Sport II OR

    Episode 12

    The Smith & Wesson M&P15 Sport II OR is a great entry-level rifle, adjustable and customizable, and comes with a Crimson Trace red-green dot optic installed.

  • Springfield Armory's XD-M OSP with Threaded Barrel

    Episode 13

    Springfield Armory's XD-M OSP comes with both a threaded barrel and non-threaded barrel, suppressor-height sights, three base plates, and an optional Vortex Venom red dot optic.

  • Colt's King Cobra Revolver Series

    Episode 14

    Colt's line of King Cobra revolvers features six-shots of .357 magnum in a a 3" model, a 2" bobtail hammer-only Carry model, and a 4" competition Target model with adjustable sights.

  • Dan Wesson TCP and ECP 9mm 1911s

    Episode 15

    Dan Wesson TCP and ECP 1911s offer a variety of upgraded features for smooth, clean shooting every time - be it training, plinking, or concealed carry.

  • New Daniel Defense DD5 Models

    Episode 16

    Daniel Defense introduces new DD5s in new calibers (6.5 Creedmoor, .308 Win, .260 Rem) and barrel lengths (20", 18", 16"), as well as a variety of upgrades including a 2-position adjustable gas block, a redesigned bolt carrier group, ambi controls, and more!

  • Holosun Micro Reflex Optics

    Episode 17

    Holosun now offers a variety of micro reflex units for any defensive or competitive sight you need, featuring 100,000 hours of battery life, a shake-awake system, and a solar fail safe.

  • Kimber's EVO SP Custom Shop for Concealed Carry

    Episode 18

    Kimber's EVO SP Custom Shop striker-fired sub-compact pistol was designed in collaboration between Kimber engineers and gunsmiths to provide the ultimate choice for concealed carry, featuring an aluminum frame, stainless steel barrel, and TRUGLO TritiumPro sights.

  • Crimson Trace 1-8x Riflescope

    Episode 19

    Crimson Trace's CTL-5108 is a 1-8x riflescope featuring Japanese ED glass, front focal plane, and a double reticle system.

  • FN SCAR Rifle Series

    Episode 20

    Meet FN America's family of SCAR rifles: The FN SCAR subcompact, 16S light carbine, 17s heavy carbine, and 20S precision rifle, all featuring a short-stroke piston-driven system, free-floated barrel, with the familiar M4 setup with the exception of the charging handle located on the bolt carrier.

  • Sig Sauer's Tread Series for Total AR Customization

    Episode 21

    Personalizing your AR is easy with Sig Sauer's M400 TREAD series with TREAD designed accessories - options include muzzle devices, sights, foregrips, handstops, trigger, etc.

  • Hello Again! Smith & Wesson's 8-Shot M648 .22 Magnum

    Episode 22

    Smith & Wesson's Model 648 .22WMR eight-shot K-frame stainless-steel DA/SA has returned!

  • Testing Black Hills' HoneyBadger Ammunition

    Episode 23

    Putting Black Hills Honeybadger .44 Magnum ammunition to the test in the ballistics lab.

  • Kimber's K6S DA/SA Revolver

    Episode 24

    A Double-Action/Single-Action version in both 2" and 3" models join Kimber's K6S revolver line.