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8 Seasons

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  • Shoot Slow, Go Fast - Gun Training at the Range

    Episode 1

    In this GunDealio Pro Tip, Student of the Gun's Paul Markel explains why you don't want to "out-shoot" your gun.

  • Mastering a Reload

    Episode 2

    There are several ways to manipulate a gun during reload - Boondocks Firearms Training Academy's John Roberts discusses one of the main techniques they teach, and why it's important to master it before moving forward as a beginner.

  • Most Efficient Way to Shoot Multiple Targets

    Episode 3

    Team Aguila's Mark Redl discusses and demonstrates shooting one target at a time versus transitioning from one target to another in a competitive match.

  • Bifocal Shooting Glasses

    Episode 4

    Guns & Gear's Tom Gresham has found some bifocal shooting glasses great for aging eyes!

  • Why I like 1911s

    Episode 5

    Springfield Armory's Rob Leatham discusses why he thinks the 1911 has the best trigger mechanism, and how the thumb safety and grip safety can help your shooting.