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  • Long Range Ruger Precision Rifle - New Features, New Calibers

    Episode 1

    Ruger's Precision Rifle is a great bolt-action for long range, equipped with an adjustable stock, AI-style ten-round magazines, and now available in additional calibers of 6mm Creedmoor and 5.56.

  • Ruger's Scout Rifle in 450 Bushmaster

    Episode 2

    Ruger's Scout Rifle is now available in 450 Bushmaster, great for whitetail hunting in restricted states, and everywhere else!

  • SIG P320 Air Gun - Ready to Train!

    Episode 3

    Sig Sauer Air Pistols match the weight, feel, and look you love about SIG pistols, and are ready to train with inside or outside your home.

  • SIG Rifle Ammo, made with SIG Brass and Bullets

    Episode 4

    Sig Sauer loads their SIG V-Crown handgun, Elite HT Hunting, Performance Match Grade, and all-copper projectile ammo with their own bullets and brass.

  • Stretching your SIG Red Dot with a Magnifier

    Episode 5

    A slew of new optics for every situation from Sig Sauer, including the ROMEO6 red dot sight, JULIET4 magnifier, TANGO6 rifle scope, and the KILO2400 rangefinder.

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  • Sig Sauer Suppressors - Direct Thread v Quick Disconnect

    Episode 6

    Sig Sauer's John Hollister discusses when you want to use a direct thread suppressor versus a quick disconnect (QD) suppressor. Other benefits of a suppressor? Reduced recoil, and the ability to hear your target hit.

  • A Variety of Concealed Carry Options from Springfield Armory

    Episode 7

    Springfield Armory offers a variety of options for concealed carry: the single-stack XD-S, the EMP with concealed carry contour, the double-stack XD Mod.2 sub-compact, and the XD-E with an external hammer.

  • A Springfield Armory RO 1911 for Every Situation

    Episode 8

    Springfield Armory's Range Officer 1911s brings both value and upgraded features to the Original, the Champion, the Compact, and the Operator models.

  • Training for Optical Offset with Springfield Armory's SAINT

    Episode 9

    Springfield Armory's Stefany Reese shows off the SAINT AR-15 - Ready to go out of the box with a crisp trigger, while field host Greg Lapin takes it to the range to discuss optical offset.

  • The XD-E - Springfield Armory's New DA/SA Hammer-Fired Pistol

    Episode 10

    Springfield Armory's Stefany Reese shows off the new XD-E (E for External Hammer) single-stack Double Action/Single Action hammer-fired pistol, with an easy-racking slide.

  • Easy to Use Lights for Every Day Carry from SureFire

    Episode 11

    For any situation, SureFire has an every day carry light for you - be it gun-mounted, wrist-mounted, or pocket or purse carry.

  • SureFire's MasterFire Holster, and Modular Suppressor

    Episode 12

    SureFire's Andrew Wright shows off the MasterFire Holster - a retention holster that works with a firearm complete with light, suppressor, and optic - and their new variable-length Ryder 9 modular suppressor for both pistols and pistol caliber carbines.

  • Serious Smith & Wesson Magnums for a Carry Revolver

    Episode 13

    New features for Smith & Wesson's "combat magnum" - The Model 66. Plus, shooting the Model 69 5-shot .44 Magnum.

  • Lots of Power, Quick Follow-Up - Smith & Wesson's M&P10 PC in 6.5 Creedmoor

    Episode 14

    Smith & Wesson's M&P 10 rifle chambered in 6.5 Creedmoor is great for hunting and long range shooting, complete with Performance Center upgrades and a threaded barrel.

  • More Bang for your Buck - The T/C Compass, now in 6.5 Creedmoor

    Episode 15

    Packed full of features for a value price, the Thompson/Center Compass rifle is now available in 6.5 Creedmoor. Plus, the rest of rifles in the T/C family are available in 6.5 Creedmoor, too.

  • Run and Gun with Timney's Calvin Elite AR Trigger

    Episode 16

    Timney Triggers introduces the Calvin Elite AR Trigger - set at one and a half pounds, adjustable, and perfect for competition.

  • Upgrading the Remington 700 Trier with Timney's Calvin Elite 2-Stage

    Episode 17

    Timney Triggers shows off their Calvin Elite 2-Stage trigger for the Remington 700.

  • High-Tech Hearing Protection from Walker's

    Episode 18

    Tom, Ryan and Greg discuss the importance of hearing protection using Walker's Razor electronic muffs and Razor XV bluetooth-enabled earbud headsets, and how high-tech protection helps on the range.

  • Walther's Creed and PPS M2 Handguns for the Perfect Fit

    Episode 19

    Focused on ergonomics, grip, and trigger, Walther Arms introduces two new handguns: the value-priced Creed, and the PPS M2 - great for conceal carry.

  • 6.5 Hunting and Long Range Options from Barnes Bullets

    Episode 20

    Barnes Bullets is always introducing new caliber loads for hunting and long range - and the 6.5 cartridge is one of their favorites - now in the VOR-TX and Precision Match.

  • Caracal's Enhanced F Pistol for a Smooth Shot

    Episode 21

    Caracal USA's Enhanced F pistol offers a few different enhancements over other striker-fired pistols, resulting in a smooth shot every time.

  • Integrally Suppressed Barrel for Ruger's 10/22 Takedown

    Episode 22

    Ruger now has an integrally-suppressed barrel that fits any Ruger 10/22 Takedown rifle - the Ruger ISB.

  • Ruger Mark IV - One-Button Takedown

    Episode 23

    Ruger's fourth generation .22 auto-loader - the Mark IV - is everything you'd expect from the Mark III, but now featuring one-button disassembly. Available in a variety of models for the perfect fit.

  • Sig Sauer's MCX, M400, and 716 DMR

    Episode 24

    Sig Sauer's Patrick Hanley and John Hollister show off some of the new rifle additions: a lighter 716 DMR with match trigger, the M400 Elite at a great price point, and the fully-interchangable MCX with a telescoping stock.