Guns & Gear Live 2023

Guns & Gear Live 2023

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Guns & Gear Live 2023
  • NEW Faxon Sentinel | Guns & Gear LIVE

  • Tokarev Tactical Shotguns | Guns & Gear LIVE

    If you tuned into Guns & Gear this year Tokarev USA stood out with its line of shotguns. Jahred Gamez introduces a few new models from Tokarev. Not to leave hunters out, Tokarev USA also launched their line of field guns.

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  • NEW Leupold Glass | Guns & Gear LIVE

    Leupold develops phenomenal glass that assists in countless trophy harvests in the fall and dings on steel the rest of the time. Find out what’s new with Leupold as Shawn Skipper joins the show to display some high-tech infused optics.

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  • FN SCAR 15P and RUSH 9Ti | Guns & Gear LIVE

    The SCAR continues its legacy! FN America launches the SCAR 15P and the new RUSH 9Ti suppressor. Kristina Demilt joins the conversation to discuss the newest from FN. Plus, the company also introduces the FN 545 and 510 Tactical at SHOT Show 2023.

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  • Bring Back the 80s with MAC | Guns & Gear LIVE

    Let’s back it up to Jams and big hair with the Military Armament Corporation! MAC celebrates weaponry from the 80s, and Tim Mulverhill is here to walk us through MAC. If you’re looking for some serious firepower and edged weaponry from way back this is your place.

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  • ATN ThOR 5 Thermal Optic | Guns & Gear LIVE

    ATN launches the ThOR 5 thermal optic that enhances any nighttime hunt. Steve Lemenov dives into what separates the ThOR 5 from previous models, and what you can expect from ATN moving forward.

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  • Colion Noir Goes Hunting | Guns & Gear LIVE

    Nosler launches their new Model 21 CCH. Both KJ and Colion Noir experienced the same joy of the lightweight rifle in the field. Find out how Colion’s elk hunt went down with a gun that flat-out shoots.

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  • Frankford Arsenal X-10 and F-1 Reloading Press | Guns & Gear LIVE

    Frankford Arsenal is no stranger to the reloading game. Trent Rodgers tells us about the X-10 progressive reloading press and single-stage F-1 press. Frankford Arsenal doesn’t only make reloading presses, they launch many more products to make the reloaders life a little bit easier.

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  • NEW Spandau Premium Shotguns | Guns & Gear LIVE

    If you’re not familiar with Spandau you’re not the only one. Geoff Jackson jumps into the show to discuss what we need to know about Spandau as they set out to launch a premium line of over/under shotguns. The new shotguns from Spandau are eye catching and ready to shoot.

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  • AAC Ammunition NEWS | Guns & Gear LIVE

    How do you get more ammunition? Simple. You find reputable companies that seemingly fly under the radar. Jamin McCallum of AAC Ammunition shows a glimpse of the refined process to produce quality ammunition. AAC components makes projectiles for the shooter who demands quality and precision withou...

  • New Smith & Wesson M&P5.7 | Guns & Gear LIVE

    How about a 5.7 from Smith & Wesson? The new M&P 5.7 launches at SHOT Show 2023. John Myles of Smith & Wesson joins to chat about the recent launch of the Performance Center M&P M2.0 Competitor and M&P 5.7. Tune in to find out more.

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  • 2AF Files Lawsuit in Illinois

    Adam Kraut of Second Amendment Foundation joins Tom Gresham to discuss a recent lawsuit filed against the state of Illinois.

  • New Taurus Models | Guns & Gear LIVE

    Taurus launches a new line of…everything, including the first-ever optics-ready revolver. The 865/605 TORO is set to take the world by storm, and Cody Osborn chimes in with what else Taurus is launching at SHOT Show 2023. If you’re looking for a new Executive Grade Judge, Raging Hunter, or optics...

  • Tisas USA 1911 | Guns & Gear LIVE

    If you’re not familiar with Tisas USA join the discussion. Dave Biggers provides insight on Tisas USA and new 1911 that hit the masses soon. Plus, Dave announces a massive 1911 10mm Prize Package that you could win.

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  • NEW RIA 5.0 | Guns & Gear LIVE

    Rock Island Armory (RIA USA) developed a new, soft-shooting pistol for the true patriots. Martin Tuason jumps on to discuss the RIA 5.0, a new pistol that is packed full of unique features that make it ideal for any shooting enthusiast.

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  • NEW XS Sights GLOCK Sight Pusher | Guns & Gear LIVE

    Want to replace your GLOCK sights? If you want to enhance your sight picture you’ve got to have the right tools. XS Sights unveils their GLOCK sight pusher tool. Monte Long joins the discussion about ease of use and effectiveness of the GLOCK sight pusher from XS Sights.

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  • NEW DeSantis Persuader Holster | Guns & Gear LIVE

    DeSantis GunHide is known for high-quality leather holsters and producing functional holsters for use on the range or on the daily. The new Persuader from DeSantis is a premium thermoformed polymer IWB carbon-fiber finish holster. Chad DeSantis connects with the show to discuss the Persuader and ...

  • Remington Ammo 360 Buckhammer and Premier Long Range | Guns & Gear LIVE

    Remington Ammunition leads the way with two exciting launches. New from Remington Ammo is the 360 Buckhammer and Premier Long Range. The 360 Buckhammer is prefect for those midwestern, straight-wall only states. Premier Long Range stretches the limits with an effective bullet that expands at long...

  • Wheeler Screwdrivers and FAT Stix | Guns & Gear LIVE

    Do you ever feel like you never have the right tools for the job? Wheeler Tools produces quality tools that are right for any job. Wheeler may look a little different, but the emphasis is on finishing the job. Trent Rodgers joins the show to discuss the Caldwell Screwdrivers, FAT Stix and FAT Wre...

  • Savage 1911 Govt and MORE | Guns & Gear LIVE

    Savage Arms continues to innovate and grow its list of offerings. RJ Contorno and KJ chat about the new 1911 Govt., Savage 110 Carbon, and many more new firearms from Savage Arms. It doesn’t matter if you’re a predator hunter or range geek Savage has a gun for you.

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  • Palmetto State Armory Expands Reach | Guns & Gear LIVE

  • Caldwell Claymore and E-Max Comms BT | Guns & Gear LIVE

    Caldwell Shooting launches the Claymore and new hearing protection. A favorite guest, Jarrod “Box” Grove, joins KJ to discuss the newest clay launcher from Caldwell. New hearing protection from Caldwell makes for a more pleasant day on the range and so many other activities.

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