Guns & Gear | Season 10

Guns & Gear | Season 10

Guns & Gear showcases the latest and greatest products in the firearms industry with interviews, range demonstrations, tips and training techniques.

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Guns & Gear | Season 10
  • Most Efficient Way to Shoot Multiple Targets

    Team Aguila's Mark Redl discusses and demonstrates shooting one target at a time versus transitioning from one target to another in a competitive match.

  • Bifocal Shooting Glasses

    Guns & Gear's Tom Gresham has found some bifocal shooting glasses great for aging eyes!

  • Shotgun for Home Defense? Try the Aguila MiniShell

    Ryan Gresham and Mark Redl try out shotguns loaded with minishells for home defense. Aguila Ammunition offers up the Minishell - shorter than your normal shotshell for less recoil and increased round count, available in buckshot, lead slug, and birdshot.


  • Aguila's Super Quiet .22 and Super Powered 9mm Ammo

    Aguila Ammunition's full line of ammunition includes shotgun shells, rimfire and centerfire - with their factory in Texas loading both ball and hollow point ammo in .22LR and 9mm.

    From Guns & GearĀ® Season 10:


  • Advantages of Thermal Scopes for Hog Hunting

    Hunting hogs at night with ATN's ThOR 4 thermal scope is a breeze with crisp imaging, a variety of mounting options, video and picture recording and streaming capture, 16 hour battery life, and more.


  • ATN's X-Sight 4K Rifle Scopes: Hi-Res and Hi-Tech

    ATN's X-Sight 4k Pro and 4K Buckhunter rifle scopes offer a variety of features to enhance your hunt or shoot, including internal ballistic calculator and rangefinder, the ability to record video, and an 18-hour battery life.

  • Barnes Bullets All-Copper X Bullet Turns 30

    From concept to field tests, the Brooks Family discusses 30 years of successful hunts with Barnes Bullets' all-copper X Bullet.


  • Seriously Accurate Hunting & Competition Bullets

    Barnes Bullets' Match Burner lead core jacketed bullets are accurate, competitively priced, and target-ready.


  • Barnes VOR-TX LR Long Range Hunting Ammo - One Shot Optimization

    Barnes LRX Bullets are now available loaded as VOR-TX LR ammunition, ready for that perfect shot while hunting at long range distances.


  • 6.5 Creedmoor - What It Is, and What It Can Do

    Black Hills Ammunition's Jeff Hoffman demonstrates their 6.5 Creedmoor, loaded with Hornady ELD-X bulelts for hunting, and Hornady ELD-M bullets for long range.


  • Black Hills HoneyBadger .44 Magnum for Hunting

    Black Hills Ammunition's Jeff Hoffman demonstrates the effectiveness of their HoneyBadger .44 Magnum hunting round.


  • Self-Defense Ammo with Stopping Power

    Black Hills Ammunition's Jeff Hoffman demonstrates why the HoneyBadger centerfire ammunition is a true lifesaver in a self-defense situation.


  • On the Set: More Bloopers

    More bloopers from the set of Guns & Gear S10. In these outtakes, we hit the high note with Crimson Trace, flub it with Timney Triggers, get some straight talk with Barnes Bullets, have perfect timing with ATN, and mic check with Springfield Armory.

  • On the Set: Bloopers with SIG , Timney, and Aguila Bonus

    Chances are good on any day of filming, there are more bloopers than good takes. In these outtakes, we go ballistic with Sig Sauer, show off some "Thunder Hands" at Timney Triggers, and get schooled with Aguila Ammunition.

  • On the Set: Bloopers with SureFire Bonus

    Chances are good on any day of filming, there are more bloopers than good takes. In these outtakes, we spend the day with SureFire - watch out for those rifle guns!

  • Extra Rounds with Legacy Sports, Ruger Bonus

    When filming for a TV segment, we might film two or more takes. Check out some bonus footage with Legacy Sports and Ruger from Guns & Gear Season 10!

  • Jelly Bean Roulette with Crimson Trace's P320 Laserguard

    Crimson Trace's LG420 red and LG420-G green laserguards are fitted specifically to the Sig Sauer P320 handgun, with an external battery door for easy battery exchange (and eligible for CT's "Free Batteries For Life" program). Hit the range for practice shots - maybe play a little jelly bean roule...

  • HK Red & Green Laserguards from Crimson Trace

    Crimson Trace offers lasers for almost any handgun available - including the HK VP series.

  • Crimson Trace Lights - For your Rifle, or your Pocket

    Crimson Trace's long gun lights offer options for rail-mounting, or making it an EDC light for your pocket. Meet the CWL 102 and 202 tactical lights. On the range, Ryan and Ryan compete to see who can find and shoot the most stuffed animals using the CWL light.


  • DoubleStar's AR-15 Pistol

    Rifles, pistols, knives, and parts - DoubleStar Corp. does it all. Guns & Gear's Ryan Gresham checks out the DoubleStar AR-15 pistol with Nick Collier.


  • How to Organize Your Gun Safe

    Gun Storage Solutions offers many tools for organizing your gun safe, including rifle rods, handgun hangers, magazine racks, and more.


  • Non-Toxic & Frangible Centerfire Ammo from HEVI-Shot

    HEVI-Shot's HEVI-Duty line of frangible, non-toxic bullets and loaded rounds in both 9mm and .45 offer match grade accuracy for the same price as traditional lead ammo.

  • Do Frangible Shotshells Really Work?

    Yes, they do! HEVI-Shot's HEVI-Duty 12 gauge shotgun shells with frangible pellets are great for close quarters defense, offering a tight pattern and minimal wall penetration, available in both 00 and #4 buck.


  • HSM Ammunition - Hunting, Long Range, Self-Defense

    For fifty years, HSM has been known for accuracy with their long range and hunting ammunition. This year, they introduce Double-Duty training and defensive ammo package to the mix!