Guns & Gear | Season 9

Guns & Gear | Season 9

Guns & Gear showcases the latest and greatest products in the firearms industry with interviews, range demonstrations, tips and training techniques.

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Guns & Gear | Season 9
  • High-Tech Hunting with ATN Optics

    Smart HD optic options from ATN: The ThOR HD thermal rifle scope is user-friendly with loads of features; the Rangefinder has bluetooth capabilities and an app; the X-Sight II Day/Night rifle scope with HD micro-display, wi-fi and GPS; and the Day/Night BinoX binoculars with HD camera.

  • Long Shot, or Not - Barnes Bullets Long Range Ammo is Ready

    Barnes Bullets all-copper LRX bullet, loaded in their VOR-TX LR ammunition, is ready for those long range hunting shots...but also ready to go at shorter ranges as well, just in case that trophy surprises you!

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  • Affordable Remington HTP Copper Ammo loaded with Barnes Bullets

    Barnes Bullets all-copper bullets are now available in Remington HTP Copper ammo, in .223, .300 Blackout, .308 Winchester, and more.

  • Clearing a House with the Colt Combat Unit Carbine

    Colt's Mark Redl and Daryl Holland show off the Colt Combat Unit Carbine, the first to feature Colt's new mid-length gas system - great for patrol, competition, and home defense.

  • Running the Wizzard Drill with a Six-Shot Colt Cobra Revolver

    Colt's Cobra revolver returns... with updated features! New trigger pull, interchangeable fiber-optic front sight, and six rounds, ready to go!

  • Colt Gold Cup - Ready to Compete

    Colt's Gold Cup Trophy pistol, outfitted with their National Match barrel and available in .45 and 9mm, is perfect for any competitive shooter. Hear more from Colt's Mark Redl, and see it in action when Mark joins Maggie Reese at the range.

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  • Stainless Steel Colt Competition 1911 Pistol - Good for Carry, too!

    Colt's Competition 1911 Pistol - now available with a stainless steel slide and frame - is great for both competition and carry.

  • Crimson Trace Laserguard Pro for GLOCKs

    Crimson Trace's Laserguard Pro laser-light combo is now available for the full-size and compact GLOCK handguns, in both red and green.

  • Sighting in your Crimson Trace Master Series Lasergrips

    Crimson Trace Master Series Lasergrips - now available in both red and green - to enhance the look of your 1911 AND your shooting.

  • Essential EDC - Try a Good Gun Belt from CrossBreed Holsters

    A variety of gun belts available from CrossBreed Holsters means you'll always be able to carry in a comfortable, secure way - be it inside the waistband, appendix, or outside the waistband carry.

  • Honoring a Legacy - CrossBreed Holster's Founder Series

    CrossBreed Holsters' Justin Murray discusses the origins of the tuck-able, hybrid holster, and looks at the Founder's Series upgraded holsters.

  • 9mm vs .45 ACP - DoubleTap Colt Defense Ammo

    DoubleTap Ammunition offers both Colt Competition National Match and Colt Defense ammo.

  • DoubleTap Hunting Ammo Loaded with Swift Scirocco Bullets

    DoubleTap Ammunition's Mike McNett announces their new ammo loaded with Swift Scirocco bullets designed for long range, tested in factory guns out to 1000 yards.

  • Max Gun Safe Space with Gun Storage Solutions Rifle Rods

    Maximize your gun safe storage space with rifle rods from Gun Storage Solutions. Simple Velcro strips and plastic rods make it easy to access rifles in the front or back of the safe, and protects the rifles while being stored.

  • HIVIZ Handgun Sights for Low-Light Situations

    HIVIZ Shooting Systems has been helping shooters acquire their target for more than twenty years. Now they've introduced tritium NITESIGHTs, and Luminous LitePipes with a glowing core for your LiteWave handgun sight.

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  • HSM Low Recoil Ammo - Reduce Recoil by Half

    Reduce felt recoil by 53% with HSM's Low Recoil Ammunition loaded with Sierra hunting bullets, or take the Game King with Sierra bullets, or the Berger VLD loaded Trophy Gold long range out for a spin.

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  • Howa Rifles - Out of the Box Accuracy

    Matt Hornback of Legacy Sports International shows of the Howa HCR (Howa Chassis Rifle) and the Howa MiniAction rifles: Accurate and ready to go outside of the box.

  • Quick Defense Access with Liberty Safe Handgun Vaults

    Liberty Safe's Kyle Clouse talks about their line of handgun vaults, with a variety of size and opening options to choose from. Then, we put the safes in a First Person Defender scenario.

  • Old is New Again - History of the Bisley Revolver

    Lipsey's Guns Jason Cloessner talks about the history of the Bisley revolver - how it originated, and why shooters like it.

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  • New Suppressed PDW from LMT

    LMT's short-barreled PDW (Personal Defense Weapon), now complete with a suppressor, also offers interchangeable barrels.

  • From On-Duty to the Range, Quality Clothing from Propper

    Propper's David Workman discusses Propper's history in dressing the military and LEO, and how it shaped the clothing they now sell to the mass market, including their Kinetic Pants and Snag-Free Polos.

  • Ruger's 8-shot Redhawk, LCRx Revolvers in .357 Mag

    Like .357 Magnum revolvers? Check out Ruger's Redhawk 8-shot, and the LCRx with an external hammer!

  • A Pistol Fit for All - The Ruger American Pistol

    Ruger's Matt Willson discusses the Ruger American Pistol, available in 9mm and .45, in a variety of models with ambi-controls and interchangable grip panels.

  • Ruger's LCP II for Long Distance?

    Ruger's LCP II is every bit as small and easy to conceal as the original LCP, but with new features including taller sights, a new trigger, and a wider backstrap.

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