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  • NEW DeSantis Holsters for 2022

    Looking for a new holster? DeSantis Gunhide delivers three new options. Chad DeSantis joins Guns & Gear's Kevin "KJ" Jarnagin to discuss the new Vengeance Scabbard, Uni-Tuck, and Super Stealth holsters. These new concealed carry holsters offer gun owners the opportunity to experience a wide array...

  • N8 Tactical Xecutive Holster

    The N8 Tactical Xecutive Kydex holster is designed for modern concealed carry with a cut-out for red dot optics, multiple carry customizations, as well as some noticeable details to increase comfort. Find yours at https://snp.link/ab9f15a8.

  • Choose Your Holster Wisely

    Finding the right holster can be a difficult process. DeSantis GunHide's Chad DeSantis joins Gun Talk's Ryan Gresham in the studio to talk about some wild holsters requests, how to choose which holster is right for you, things to look for in a holster, and more. This Gun Talk Nation is proudly su...

  • Best Holsters for EDC with DeSantis

    Have you searched far and wide for the perfect EDC holster? Whether you prefer genuine leather or Kydex, DeSantis Gunhide has the holster. Chad DeSantis of DeSantis Gunhide joins Guns & Gear's Ryan Gresham and Kevin "KJ" Jarnagin to discuss the newest options in everyday concealed carry.