Hunting Ammunition

Hunting Ammunition

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Hunting Ammunition
  • Making your Own Custom Ammunition

    Gun Talk’s Tom Gresham heads out to the range with some friends to shoot ammo that he handloaded - some soft-shooting 7mm-08 he loaded with Trail Boss gunpowder from Hodgdon Powder. What does it take to develop your own ammunition?

  • NEW Remington Core-Lokt Tipped

    Remington Ammunition introduces the next generation of their popular Core-Lokt ammo, now available in Core-Lokt Tipped! Offering 15% more accuracy and tested to 500 yards, this Tipped version has a sleeker profile and flatter trajectory.

  • Best Big Game Cartridge & Bullets; Long Range Hunting?

    Gun Talk Hunt's Ryan Gresham and Kevin "KJ" Jarnagin talk with Black Hills Ammunition's Jeff Hoffman about the best cartridges for big game hunts, best bullets for .223 & 5.56 rounds, hunting with MSRs, how long is too long to shoot, deer fights, the popularity of the 6.5 Creedmoor, and more. Gun...

  • Federal's New FireStick, HammerDown

    Dan Compton of Federal Premium stops by to discuss new muzzleloading and lever-gun innovations, lion hunting, and more, with Gun Talk's Ryan Gresham and Kevin “KJ” Jarnagin. The new FireStick tech is part of an all-new system used with the new Traditions NitroFire rifle for muzzleloading that cha...

  • The One Perfect Round for North American Big Game Hunting

    Kevin "KJ" Jarnagin went on an epic North American big game hunt, including elk and black bear in Canada, using only one cartridge - Black Hills Ammunition's 143 grain ELD-X in 6.5 Creedmoor.

  • Windy Hunting Spot? Federal's .224 Valkyrie Can Do That

    Kevin "KJ" Jarnagin gets ready for an upcoming hog hunt on the windy plains of Oklahoma by sighting in his rifle with Federal Premium's .224 Valkyrie.

  • .224 Valkyrie Better than .22-250 for Varmint Hunting?

    Kevin "KJ" Jarnagin discusses why he's shooting coyotes and hogs with Federal Premium's Fusion MSR 90 gr .224 Valkyrie over his former favorite, the 55 gr .22-250.

  • Exploring Bushnell Optics for the Hunt or the Range

    Kevin Jarnagin talks with Bushnell's Matt Rice about the low-light performance of their optics lines.