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  • Available Now! Aero Precision EPC-9 PCC

    Aero Precision enters the Pistol Caliber Carbine market with the introduction of their EPC-9. This "Enhanced Pistol Caliber" in 9mm offers a lot of features you know and love when it comes ARs, but with a few custom upgrades, and in the low-recoiling 9mm pistol caliber. The EPC-9 is available in ...

  • NEW! Aero Precision EPC-9 and Breach Charging Handle

    Aero Precision launches the much-anticipated Aero Precision EPC-9! Jeff Carson of Aero Precision discusses the new EPC-9 (Enhanced Pistol Caliber) and Breach charging handle recently introduced. Shop for the EPC-9 (available March 3rd), Breach Charging Handle, or any other Aero Precision product ...

  • Changing the Ruger PC Charger Mag Module

    One of the great features of the Ruger PC Charger is that it accepts Ruger magazines AND Glock magazines. Ryan Gresham demonstrates how easy it is to change the magazine module to accept whichever mag you want to use.

  • Ruger PC Charger - Versatile and Easy

    Ryan Gresham shows off Ruger's new PC Charger. Adaptable to your specs and preferences for grip, brace mount, optics and more, this 9mm takes both Ruger SR9 magazines as well as GLOCK mags, is lightweight, and easy to transport.