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  • Self-Defense Game Plan and Training Your Mind

    Have you ever played the “What If" game? Chris Cerino of SCCY joins Gun Talk's Ryan Gresham to discuss the importance of walking through self-defense scenarios no matter your location. Find out how playing this game prepares your mind to stay in the fight. Gun Talk Nation is brought to you by Bro...

  • Defensive Training Tips with Mike Seeklander

    Mike Seeklander is a professional firearms trainer and shooter, who has trained around the world. While filming First Person Defender, he joins Gun Talk's Ryan Gresham to chat about lessons learned over the years, what surprises him in training classes, securing guns around kids, and more. Find o...

  • Rifle v. Pistol for Home Defense

    G&G: Tom and Ryan Gresham discuss some of the differences in using a pistol versus a rifle in a home defense situation.