SHOT Show 2019

SHOT Show 2019

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SHOT Show 2019
  • SHOT Show 2019 Wrap-Up

    Kevin "KJ" Jarnagin and Luke McCoy from USA Carry close SHOT Show 2019 as they discuss everything they saw this week.

  • Hurricane Butterfly Semi-Auto HK 416

    Jason Wong of Hurricane Butterfly stops by to discuss the Semi-Auto HK 416. #SHOTShow

  • Plus One Movement, SHOT Show Stats

    NSSF's Joe Bartozzi and Bill Dunn talk with Tom Gresham about the new Plus One movement, and SHOT Show stats and numbers.
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  • SHOT Show 2019 Final Day

    On the final day of SHOT Show 2019, the Gun Talk crew discusses some of their favorite new products of the show, and latest news from the show floor. Live with Gun Talk today - National Shooting Sports Foundation, more product release talk, and more.

  • New from Norma - 9mm MHP

    Tim Brandt of Norma and Kevin "KJ" Jarnagin take a look at the new ammo from Norma, including the Monolithic Hollow Point in 9mm.

  • Daily Deals and More from Palmetto State Armory

    Palmetto State Armory's Chad Wylie chats about the daily deals, the products, the idea behind the company, and the PSA Custom Series of accessories with Ryan Gresham.

  • New AK-V 9mm from Palmetto State Armory

    Palmetto State Armory's Kris Vermillion and Colton Sons chat with Tom Gresham about the latest release, the AK-V, a new 9mm for the AK lover out there.
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  • New Ammo from Federal, CCI, Speer

    Vista's Justin Ruegsegger and Justin Johnson talk with Ryan Gresham about the newest releases in the ammo family, including CCI's Quiet-22 and Clean-22 polymer coated rimfire, and Federal' s hunting rounds with the Barnes TSX bullet and Berger bullets.

  • New Ammo from Federal Premium; AK Moose Hunt

    Vista's Jason Nash chats with Kevin "KJ" Jarnagin about the latest ammunition releases from Federal Premium hunting, rimfire, and personal defense rounds.

  • SHOT Show 2019 Day 3

    On this third day of SHOT Show 2019, the Gun Talk team announces the winners of the MantisX systems, and chat about today's guests and the latest news from the show floor. Live with Gun Talk today - Gun Storage Solutions, Vista Outdoor, Wes Doss, Palmetto State Armory, Norma, and more.

  • Training Talk with Wes Doss

    Khyber Training's Wes Doss sits down with Kevin "KJ" Jarnagin to discuss LEO and civilian training. Find out more at

  • How To Create Extra Space In Your Gun Safe

    Gun Storage Solutions' Katie Stephey goes over the different options they offer to maximize the space in a gun safe with Kevin "KJ" Jarnagin.

  • New DeSantis Holsters - Inner Piece 2.0, Viper 2.0, Variable 13

    Chad DeSantis of DeSantis Gunhide sits down with Tom Gresham to talk about the new Inner Piece 2.0, Variable 13, and Viper 2.0 holsters.

  • Interchangeable Optic System, Firehawk 1911 from Nighthawk Custom

    Mark Stone and Nelson Davis of Nighthawk Custom shows off the new Interchangeable Optic System (IOS) that allows for quick and easy rear sight switching, and the Firehawk 1911, to Tom Gresham.

  • On-Target Shots with MantisX7 and X10

    Adam Ratigan of Mantis sits down with Kevin "KJ" Jarnagin to talk about the additions to the MantisX shooting performance system - the X7 and X10.

  • New Aero Precision Component Upgrades

    Aero Precision's Chad Larsen chats about the new .308 Atlas handguards, re-engineered .308 BCG, adjustable gas blocks, 9mm PCC, and more with Kevin "KJ" Jarnagin.

  • The Importance of Training; 2019 Classes

    Boondocks Firearms Training Academy's Mark Condon and Chad Winkler talk training and class options - including force-on-force, all-female classes, and more - with Kevin "KJ" Jarnagin.

  • Ported Shield, Rifle Upgrades from Smith & Wesson

    Smith & Wesson's Tony Miele drops by to show off new offerings - including the new Ported Shield, T/CR22, and the Performance Center Long Range Rifle - to Kevin "KJ" Jarnagin.

  • Colt's Combat Elite Government in .45

    Maggie Reese and Mark Redl of Colt discuss the new Government model of the Combat Elite in .45 ACP with Kevin "KJ" Jarnagin.

  • SHOT Show 2019 Day 2

    Heading into the second day of SHOT Show 2019, the Gun Talk team chats about today's guests, and the latest news from the show floor, giving you an inside look at one of the gun industry's largest events. Live with Gun Talk today - Colt, Smith & Wesson, Boondocks Firearms Training Academy, Aero P...

  • Cheeterz Assisted Load Ammunition - Easy Mag Loading!

    Richard Wessler of Cheeterz demonstrates a solution to your magazine reloading woes with Kevin "KJ" Jarnagin.

  • HSM's Tipping Point Hunting Ammo

    Boyd Metz of HSM Ammunition discuss the new Tipping Point ammunition offering match-grade accuracy and the Sierra Gamechanger hunting bullet with Tom Gresham.

  • Mobile Training Classes with Tanto

    Kris "Tanto" Paronto of Battleline Tactical talks with Tom Gresham about his traveling training classes, and the new docu-series "War Heroes".

  • New Gun Accessories, Blades from DoubleStar

    DoubleStar Corp.'s Nick Collier discusses DoubleStar's 40th Anniversary, and shows off some of the new products, including the Cloak M-Lok handguard, Dragon's Tooth hand stop, and their line of blades, to Kevin "KJ" Jarnagin.