SHOT Show 2020

SHOT Show 2020

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SHOT Show 2020
  • Wheelchairs for Warriors, PLUS Shower Gun Winner

    Wheelchairs for Warriors provides solutions for wounded veterans. Kevin "KJ" Jarnagin talks to Heidi Hansing and Crystal Laramore from Wheelchairs for Warriors - Find out how to help, donate, or more on their annual fundraiser in February, at Plus, KJ anno...

  • Lead Star Arms Rifles, Pistols & Custom Parts, PLUS the Lightest PCC

    Lead Star Arms makes some of the fastest precision ARs on the market, and are a top choice for competitive shooters. Lead Star Arms' Derek Hicks and Kevin "KJ" Jarnagin discuss the latest offerings, including the Helium lightweight PCC rifle, Grunt rifle, the LSA9 (Lead Star's FIRST handgun), the...

  • Dianna Muller, Gun Rights, and The D.C. Project

    Tom Gresham talks with Dianna Muller - competition shooter, retired police officer, and founder of The D.C. Project - talks gun rights, her "I Will Not Comply" Congressional testimony, expanding the D.C. Project into every state, and the Ambassador Academy. Gun Talk LIVE from SHOT Show 2020 is pr...

  • FN 509 Compact MRD and SCAR 20S

    Riding the wave of popularity of the 509 and SCAR platforms, FN launches the 509 Compact MRD and SCAR 20S in 6.5 Creedmoor. FN's Tom Victa and Ben Voss join Kevin "KJ" Jarnagin to discuss the two new offerings from FN America. Gun Talk LIVE from SHOT Show 2020 is presented by Palmetto State Armor...

  • Lockdown Puck - Monitor and Secure Your Gun Safe

    Looking for an easy way to enhance your gun safe? Lockdown produces a unique way to monitor temperature, humidity, and much more with the Lockdown Puck. Lockdown's Ronelle Franklin talks to Kevin "KJ" Jarnagin about what makes the Lockdown Puck so valuable to safe owners. Gun Talk LIVE from SHOT ...

  • Palmetto State Armory's AK-V and PSA-5

    Ever wanted to own an 9mm AK, or a new 6.5 Creedmoor? Palmetto State Armory launched the AK-V to much acclaim. They've also been making a splash in the long-range game with the PSA-5 in 6.5 Creedmoor. PSA's Chad Wylie and Ryan Gresham talk about these guns and more. Gun Talk LIVE from SHOT Show 2...

  • Best-Selling Author Stephen Hunter

    Two legends hit the stage at once. Novelist Stephen Hunter and Tom Gresham discuss SHOT Show, books, guns, and Stephen's latest achievement )“ receiving the POMA/NSSF Grits Gresham Shooting Sports Communicator Award. Gun Talk LIVE from SHOT Show 2020 is presented by Palmetto State Armory.

  • Taurus 856 & G3, plus Rossi and Heritage Long Guns

    Taurus' Jorge Spat and Tom Gresham discuss the Taurus G3, and the 856 small-frame revolvers, plus long guns from Rossi USA and Heritage Firearms. Gun Talk LIVE from SHOT Show 2020 is presented by Palmetto State Armory.

  • Air Venturi Springfield Armory Air Guns

    Air guns become more popular as ammo prices increase. Get a little more trigger time with Air Venturi air guns. Air Venturi's Scott Stevens and Tom Gresham discuss the Springfield M1A, Mil-Spec 1911, XDe, Eagle Claw Rifle and Carbine, Bada Bang Target and app, and the Onyx Tactical crossbow. Gun ...

  • DeSantis Inside Heat TB

    Looking for your next concealed carry holster? DeSantis Gunhide launches the Inside Heat TB, Variable 87, Dual Angle Hunter Hybrid and the Wild Hog. Kevin "KJ" Jarnagin talks to DeSantis' Chad DeSantis about these new releases. Gun Talk LIVE from SHOT Show 2020 is presented by Palmetto State Armory.

  • Aero Precision's Pistol Caliber Carbine

    Anxiously awaiting the arrival of an Aero Precision PCC? Well, the wait is over. Aero Precision's Jeff Carson and Kevin "KJ" Jarnagin dive into the details of the much-anticipated Pistol Caliber Carbine. Gun Talk LIVE from SHOT Show 2020 is presented by Palmetto State Armory. #SHOTShow

  • Next Generation Colt Python

    Colt brings back the legendary Python with upgrades. Fans of the platform remember the quality and performance. Join Colt's Mark Redl and Tom Gresham as they discuss the next generation Colt Python. Gun Talk LIVE at SHOT Show 2020 is presented by Palmetto State Armory.

  • Firearms – Past, Present, and Future

    You think you know firearms history? Think again. T. Logan Metesh of High Caliber History is the authority. Find out how a historian approaches SHOT Show as T. Logan talks with Kevin "KJ" Jarnagin. Gun Talk LIVE from SHOT Show 2020 is presented by Palmetto State Armory.

  • HSM 6.5 Creedmoor Low Recoil, 17 Hornet

    Demand the very best out of your hunting ammunition. HSM Ammunition lives to provide hunters and shooters with ammo that delivers results. The Hunting Shack / HSM's Boyd Metz and Tom Gresham dive into what makes HSM perform on the most-demanding game, and talk about their newest releases - 6.5 Cr...

  • Mantis X10 Elite (Plus, Win a Shower Gun!)

    Gain confidence in making that life-saving shot with Mantis. Launching at SHOT Show 2020, the Mantis X10 Elite and Blackbeard hone your shooting skills. Kevin "KJ" Jarnagin and Mantis' Adam Ratigan discuss these new products. Plus, comment by Friday 1.24.20 on the YouTube or Facebook video for yo...

  • Galco's Newest Holsters - QuickTuk Cloud, Switchback, and More

    Most who conceal carry long for comfort and function when it comes to holsters. Galco introduces a few new holsters that offer exactly that - The QuickTuk Cloud, Switchback, Parabellum, Jak Slide 2.0 Belt Holster and FasTrax PAC Waistpack offer effortless concealed carry. Galco's Mike Barham and ...

  • ATN's *New* OTS LT Optic

    Want an easy, intuitive thermal or night vision optic? ATN launches the new OTS LT, ThOR LT, TICO LT and X-Sight LTV series of optics for folks looking to own the night)¦ or day. ATN's Steve Lemenov and Kevin "KJ" Jarnagin discuss the new ATN lineup. Gun Talk LIVE from SHOT Show 2020 is presented...

  • U.S. Secretary of Interior David Bernhardt LIVE

    Tom Gresham talks growing up with guns, public lands, and more with current U.S. Secretary of the Interior David Bernhardt at SHOT Show 2020, presented by Palmetto State Armory.

  • SHOT Show 2020 Preview

    Ryan Gresham and Kevin "KJ" Jarnagin talk about the upcoming SHOT Show schedule. Gun Talk LIVE from SHOT Show 2020 is presented by Palmetto State Armory.