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  • FTW Whitetail Experience with Silencer Central

    Gun Talk's Kevin "KJ" Jarnagin got more than he bargained for at the Silencer Central Whitetail Camp held at FTW Ranch. Follow along as KJ experiences everything from gun cleaning to “shooting math” and everything in between - leading up to the successful harvest of a beautiful 140” whitetail buc...

  • Aero Precision: NEW Bolt Guns, Suppressors & More

    Jeff Carson from Aero Precision talks about the new Aero bolt action, 700 footprint chassis, and the Lahar-30 with Guns & Gear's Ryan Gresham. Guns & Gear LIVE from SHOT Show 2022 is presented by Palmetto State Armory. #SHOTShow

  • AAC's Jaeger 30, Halcyon, and Ti-RANT 45M Suppressors

    Ben Bachmeier of AAC (Advanced Armament Corp.) discusses the Jaeger 30, Halcyon, and Ti-RANT 45M suppressors, the benefits of hunting with suppressors, and more, with Guns & Gear's Kevin "KJ Jarnagin. Guns & Gear LIVE from SHOT Show 2022 is presented by Palmetto State Armory. #SHOTShow

  • Silencer Central E-Form 4, Hunting, Long Range

    Long range shooting with suppressors, getting a gun to true zero, the benefits of using a suppressor, investing in rifle and hunter training, and the future of buying a suppressor with Silencer Central's electronic filing of form 4 with the ATF - Gun Talk's Kevin "KJ" Jarnagin and Silencer Centra...

  • Quietest Silencer in History

    This may be the quietest suppressor-system we've ever used! Ryan Gresham talks with Brad Gilpin of the Hush Puppy Project about the resurgence of the brand's historical product line, including a slide-lock M&P and a three-chamber monocore silencer.