Target Shooting

Target Shooting

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Target Shooting
  • Caldwell Claymore Thrower, Frankford Arsenal FX-10 Press

    From the Crimson Trace booth at SHOT Show 2022: Do you want to throw more clays or reload more ammo? Well listen up! Jarrod Grove of Caldwell Shooting Supplies and Frankford Arsenal joins Gun Talk’s Tom Gresham to talk about the new Claymore target thrower from Caldwell, and the new Frankford FX...

  • A Guide to Chokes and Patterning Your Shotgun

    Why is it important to pattern your shotgun? Gun Talk's Ryan Gresham nerds out doing some shotgun patterning with Benelli's Super Black Eagle 3 semi-auto shotgun, and discusses the shim kit that comes with the SBE3 to make adjustments to fit the shotgun to your shooting. He then runs through some...

  • New Guns & Gear for Shotgunning

    Ryan Gresham was recently at Honey Brake to try out some new guns & gear for shotgunners: a portable DIY trap setup from Champion Target, Savage's Stevens 555 Enhanced o/u shotgun, and Federal Premium's Gold Medal Grand loads.

  • Tip for Shooting Sporting Clays

    Celebrating National Shooting Sports Month: In this bonus video from Guns & Gear, Mossberg's Dave Miles shares the surprising tip for shooting clays that he learned from OSP Shooting School's Gil Ash, as they worked together developing the 930 Pro-Series Sporting Shotgun. #LetsGoShooting