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  • Range Ready Tip: Maintaining Trigger Pressure

    In this Range Ready Training Tip, presented by Ruger, instructor Chris Cerino is discussing and demonstrating the importance of understanding how to maintain trigger pressure. This is imperative knowledge for defensive pistol shooting.

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  • Simplifying the Gun Safety Rules

    “Treat. Never. Keep. Keep. Know?” FTW Ranch firearms instructor A.J. shares an easy way to keep gun safety rules front of mind.

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  • What's the Right Way to Shoot Prone?

    What's the right way to shoot a bolt action rifle from the prone position? Gun Talk's Ryan Gresham spent some time training with a Ruger American Rifle, chambered in 6.5 Creedmoor, at the famous FTW Ranch. Ryan and FTW instructor Dave Knesek discuss and demonstrate tips to make you a better shot ...

  • Premium Marksmanship Training at Vortex Edge

    Looking for a firearms training experience that will pay dividends? Enter Vortex Edge, from Vortex Optics - a premium training facility for multiple shooting disciplines located in Wisconsin. From basic marksmanship and hunting precision, to concealed carry and even law enforcement, Vortex Edge o...

  • SOTG on Importance of Training, Dry Fire

    Student of the Gun's Paul Markel joins Gun Talk's Ryan Gresham to talk about the importance of training, why most gun owners need to take a firearms training course this year, the magic number of hours to become proficient at something, how much dry fire practice pro shooters really do, favorite ...

  • From Intro to Advanced - Training at Vortex Edge

    Looking for a training boost and up for a visit to Wisconsin? Check out the Vortex Edge training facility, by Vortex Optics. Jimmy Hamilton, who runs the Vortex Edge program, talks with Gun Talk's Kevin "KJ" Jarnagin about the start of Vortex Optics, the Edge training programs and what they offer...

  • Importance of Having a Good Zero, and Other Shooting Tips

    Team Sig competitive shooter and world champion Daniel Horner shares some of the shooting tips that he's discovered over the years, including the importance of getting your gun calibrated correctly and shooting stable, and using a laser rangefinder.

  • Defensive Training Tips with Mike Seeklander

    Mike Seeklander is a professional firearms trainer and shooter, who has trained around the world. While filming First Person Defender, he joins Gun Talk's Ryan Gresham to chat about lessons learned over the years, what surprises him in training classes, securing guns around kids, and more. Find o...

  • Replica and Blank Guns for Fun, Training, Filming

    Check out some cool guns from Replica Weaponry with Gun Talk's Ryan Gresham - including a replica Tommy Gun - and find out the difference between front- and top-venting blank guns and why you might use them.
    Replica Weaponry:
    Tommy Gun replica:

  • Firearm Training Mistakes & Getting the Most from Training

    Trainer and Shooting Performance Owner Mike Seeklander talks gun fighting, firearms training mistakes from improper grip to trigger control, getting the most from a class, and what to look for in a firearms instructor.

  • Easily Acquire Your Front Sight

    Trainer Chris Cerino demonstrates a quick way to block your rear dot sights to quickly find the front sight, using Smith & Wesson's M&P Compact.

  • Red Dots on Handguns: Lessons Learned

    Gun Talk's Ryan Gresham spent three days at Gunsite Academy training to shoot with a red dot on a pistol, using the new Bushnell RXS 250 optic.

  • CCW Insurance & Purse Carry Techniques

    Merrill discusses her carry gun of choice, and is questioning if she should have concealed-carry insurance? She calls in to the After Show to discuss her options - Find out more on the two mentioned: Armed Citizens and USCCA Plu...

  • Firearms Training - Tips, Techniques, Gear

    Gun Talk's Tom Gresham, Ryan Gresham, and Kevin “KJ” Jarnagin discuss training techniques like purse carry, breaching a doorway, and having a gun belt with holster at your bedside, plus prepping a go-bag for natural disasters (add some of these products, testing gear whil...

  • New to Revolvers? Start With This Every Day Carry Tip

    Ryan Gresham takes new revolver owners through the Four Safety Rules, how to load the revolver, and more

  • Dry Fire Practice - Tips on Movements

    Ryan Gresham demonstrates practicing your movements - from a simple press out to a holster draw, and then to moving away from the threat - all while dry firing.

  • Dry Fire Safety Tips

    Ryan Gresham discusses some safety tips for dry fire drills.