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Watch this video and more on Gun Talk

Understanding Recent Gun Rights Wins

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    Tom broadcasts from the 2023 Gun Rights Policy Conference, which is hosted by the Second Amendment Foundation. Clark Aposhian, chairman of the Utah Shooting Sports Council, joins the program to discuss what the Conference provides to support our Second Amendment rights. Clark filed a lawsuit agai...

  • Are Hollow Points Accurate?

    Gun Talk’s Chris Cerino is checking out Nosler’s ASP (Assured Stopping Power) handgun ammunition in 9mm, .40 S&W and .45 ACP to find out - is defensive hollow point ammunition accurate?

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  • Knowledge Bombs With Luth-AR

    One of the most interesting and experienced people in the firearms industry, Randy Luth of Luth-AR joins Gun Talk Nation’s Ryan Gresham for this episode. In this wide-ranging discussion, Randy details the origin of his company, his background in the industry, the genesis of the AR parts and after...