GTR 2021

GTR 2021

Excerpts from Tom Gresham's Gun Talk radio program

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GTR 2021
  • Top Shot Chris Cheng Showcases Talent on TBS

    Top Shot Season 4 winner Chris Cheng tells Gun Talk’s Tom Gresham about his latest project – showcasing his shooting style on the new extreme talent show on TBS, the Go-Big Show. Find out more at, and tune in on Thursdays at 9/8c.

  • Assault on 2A on the Web

    Pete Brownell talks with Gun Talk Radio’s Tom Gresham about (now owned by Brownells), and the craziness of last week as GoDaddy refused to work with them anymore, forcing them find a new registrar and scramble to get back online.

  • Find The Good Gun Rights Groups

    Stay informed on a local level! Gary Marbut of the Montana Shooting Sports Association ( joins Gun Talk Radio’s Tom Gresham to discuss the importance of finding and supporting the state and national groups responsibly fighting for gun rights, versus groups that just want yo...

  • A New Cartridge – The 6.8 Western

    Browning and Winchester have introduced a new cartridge – the 6.8 Western. Gun Talk Radio’s Tom Gresham talks about the pluses of this new creation, and why it’s important for ammo makers to keep innovating.

  • NRA Files for Bankruptcy

    The NRA announced last week that they’re filing for Chapter 11 bankruptcy, and moving the charter from New York to Texas. This follows decades of NRA missteps and questionable activities that have enraged many of its members. Gun Talk Radio’s Tom Gresham shares his initial thoughts.

  • The Springfield Hellcat and Red Dot Epiphany

    Bill calls in to announce his epiphany about red dot sights. He’s become a believer in the red dot revolution and can’t imagine going back to using only iron sights. Tom walks through why Bill’s groups have shrunk. If you’re interested in red dots on pistols, this is one segment you won’t want to...

  • Can You Legally Break Into A Federal Building?

    A caller describes her first-hand account of the DC Capitol protest and attack, leading to an intense discussion about the accounts of the day with Tom. Was it entirely peaceful? Is it okay to break into a Federal building without fear of repercussions? This call is a fiery one.

  • Get Serious About Handgun Training Now

    New to guns? Owned them for years, even decades? It’s time to get serious about training. Handgun Combatives' Dave Spaulding joins Tom Gresham to discuss the influx of gun owners, and the importance for all gun owners to seek out good training.

  • Rally or Riot? The D.C. Capitol Building Assault

    Do you think it was right or wrong for a group of protestors to storm the Capitol building while Congress was in session? Tom has some thoughts on this past week’s events. You should take time and listen to the entire show this week, as Tom addresses some tough criticism about his views on what h...