GTR 2021

GTR 2021

Excerpts from Tom Gresham's Gun Talk radio program

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GTR 2021
  • Olympic Hopeful Wins Right to Shoot … On Her Own Land

    National and world champion skeet shooter Dania Vizzi has her sights set on the 2024 Winter Olympics in Paris. To get there will take dedication, lots of practice, and a range. Vizzi’s family set up a range on their private acreage, and just recently won a court battle for the right to keep and u...

  • The Danger of Tree Stands

    JR calls in to give a range report and safety notice. Tree stands can be dangerous. This cautionary tale details an accident that could have been avoided. Gun Talk’s Tom Gresham and JR discuss what hunters need to watch out for when using a tree stand.

  • How to Find Ammunition

    Roy Hill of Brownells is ready to solve one of the biggest problems gun owners face – the availability of ammunition. It’s difficult, but Roy and Gun Talk’s Tom Gresham discuss how you can find - and save money on – ammunition, plus reloading options for everyone.

  • Liberal Gun Owners Do Exist

    Are there really liberals that support gun ownership? It’s true! Gun Talk’s Tom Gresham is joined by Lara Smith of The Liberal Gun Club to discuss gun ownership across the political spectrum. You just might be surprised. Plus, Tom and Lara talk about the Make It Safe program and videos that the c...

  • Making your Own Custom Ammunition

    Gun Talk’s Tom Gresham heads out to the range with some friends to shoot ammo that he handloaded - some soft-shooting 7mm-08 he loaded with Trail Boss gunpowder from Hodgdon Powder. What does it take to develop your own ammunition?

  • New Smith & Wesson M&P 10mm M2.0

    Smith & Wesson’s Corey Beaudreau talks with Gun Talk’s Tom Gresham about the latest pistol from S&W – the M&P M2.0 in 10mm!

  • Should You Start Handloading?

    Is it too late to start loading your own rounds? Lou Smith of Reloading All Day and The Avid Shooter talks with Gun Talk’s Tom Gresham about how one can get started in loading your own ammunition, the benefits of reloading, and some sage safety advice for all. Find out more at https://www.reloadi...

  • What Can Gun Owners Learn from Rittenhouse Trial?

    Gun Talk’s Tom Gresham talks about some of the lies mainstream media reports continued to propagate throughout and after the Rittenhouse trial, and also some takeaways for all gun owners.

  • Reflection and Reaction to Rittenhouse Trial, Misinformation

    Gun Talk’s Tom Gresham discusses the recent acquittal on all counts of Kyle Rittenhouse last week. Tom also talks about the dangers of riots, who is actually protesting, and the stream of misinformation that circulated inside and outside of the courtroom.

  • Can a Non-Violent Felon Use a Gun for Self-Defense?

    Wes calls the Gun Talk After Show to ask Tom, Jim, and Michelle about using a gun as a convicted felon. He committed a non-violent offense and is now a felon, but his wife owns guns. If something bad happens and he needs to use his wife’s gun, is that legal?

  • Shooting Steel Targets Safely

    MGM Targets’ Travis Gibson talks about safely shooting steel targets with Gun Talk’s Tom Gresham. What calibers can you shoot at steel, and what distance to you need to be from the target?

  • *NEW* Springfield Armory SA-35

    Springfield Armory’s Rob Leatham discusses the new SA-35, based on the Browning Hi-Power design, with Gun Talk’s Tom Gresham. Plus special guest Mike Seeklander jumps in to talk competition shooting with Rob and Tom.

  • Is a Sawed-Off Shotgun Safe? Legal?

    Ryan calls Gun Talk’s Tom Gresham to ask about a gun he inherited – a sawed-off shotgun. How does he know if it’s safe? More importantly, Tom asks him to make sure it’s a legal shotgun, how to measure the barrel properly, and what to do if it’s too short.

  • Inside the Downfall of the NRA

    Investigative journalist Tim Mak talks with Gun Talk’s Tom Gresham about his book, MISFIRE: Inside the Downfall of the NRA that gives an in-depth look at secret operations of the NRA board members and top brass, including the truth about Wayne and Susan LaPierre, the influence of Angus McQueen, a...

  • Which is Best for a 1911 - Red Dot or Laser?

    Steve wants something better than iron sights on his home-defense 1911. He can’t decide whether a red dot or laser would be best. Gun Talk’s Tom Gresham asks Steve a few questions to help him choose.

  • Self-Inflicted Pistol Jam?

    Melvin has a cycling issue with his Smith & Wesson EZ. Gun Talk’s Tom Gresham attempts to diagnose the problem to help Melvin moving forward. If you have a firearm that doesn’t consistently cycle, this is a great place to start.

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  • Supreme Court Hears Major Gun Rights Case

    Oral arguments were made before the United States Supreme Court last week, challenging New York City's permitting process and the undue burden of showing cause to obtain a carry permit. Who you are shouldn’t dictate if you are able to carry and protect yourself. Attorney Don Kilmer joins Gun Talk...

  • Tom Gets His Deer, With a Catch

    Tom flew into the backcountry of Idaho to claim his mule deer this year. However, it didn’t come easy. Tom took a favored 257 Roberts to the field on this hunt, and experienced a click-bang moment in pursuit of the mule deer. Have you ever experienced something like this? Find out how he was able...

  • 2A Victories in Virginia

    Voters in Virginia spoke loud and clear last week – the current administration isn’t cutting it: They elected a new Governor, Lieutenant Governor, and Attorney General. Philip Van Cleave of Virginia Citizens Defense League and Gun Talk’s Tom Gresham discuss what this could mean for gun rights in ...

  • Why SIG Won’t Be Attending SHOT Show 2022

    Sig Sauer's Tom Taylor talks with Gun Talk’s Tom Gresham about the reasons why the company won't be attending SHOT Show 2022.

  • Hunting Season Tune-Up

    FTW Ranch’s Tim Fallon talks with Gun Talk’s Tom Gresham about some hunting season tune-ups you can learn at an FTW class.

  • Alec Baldwin Movie Set Shooting & Safety Protocols

    What safety lessons can we learn from the deadly shooting involving actor Alec Baldwin on a movie set? There are many. Gun Talk’s Tom Gresham discusses shooting safety and the many ways this tragedy could have been avoided.

  • Protecting 2A Rights on Federal Land

    Senator Mike Crapo (R-Idaho) discusses the Recreational Lands Self-Defense Act with Gun Talk’s Tom Gresham. This legislation would “restore Second Amendment rights of individuals recreating on lands managed by the U.S. Army Corps of engineers”, which includes more than 12 million acres in the US....

  • Important Reminder If You Carry A Gun

    Have you ever forgotten to verify if there is a round in the chamber of your carry gun? On the Gun Talk After Show, Jim shares a valuable lesson learned, while Tom shares an embarrassing story from a qualification course.