GTR 2021

GTR 2021

Excerpts from Tom Gresham's Gun Talk radio program

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GTR 2021
  • Ghost Guns and Serial Numbers - Know the History

    Lee calls the Gun Talk After Show to discuss "ghost guns" and a '62 Marlin - the crew talks about why there weren't any guns in the U.S. with serial numbers before 1968, when it's legal to make your own gun without any serial number, and why everyone needs to let their federal and state reps know...

  • 2A Sanctuary Counties for Gun Rights

    Noah Davis discusses his 2nd Amendment Sanctuary Counties project, what these spots mean for gun rights, and how you can work to get one passed where you live. Check out the map at

  • Easily Find In-Stock Guns, Ammo, Parts

    Brownells' Roy Hill talks gun builds, how to easily find in-stock guns, ammo, and parts at the Brownells Armory, ARs and more. Check out the Armory at

  • Examining Biden's Gun Control Executive Orders Editor Cam Edwards discusses some of the most recent actions at both state and federal levels - including Biden's recent executive orders.

  • Mental Health and Guns

    Walk the Talk America's Michael Sodini joins Gun Talk’s Tom Gresham for an important discussion on mental health and firearms, and how the two communities are working together for the health and well-being of everyone. Find out more at

  • Ninth Circuit Says No Right to Bear Arms

    Second Amendment Foundation's Alan Gottlieb joins Gun Talk’s Tom Gresham to talk about the Ninth Circuit's recent decision on carrying a gun outside the owner’s home, and what cases might be making an appearance at the Supreme Court soon.

  • Are Bump Stocks Legal Again?

    Kirk calls in to find out if bump stocks legal again - The Sixth Circuit Court recently issued a ruling that sent the “bump stock ban” back to the lower courts.

  • Chris Cheng Testifies at Senate Hearing on Guns

    If you want something done, you better show up and speak up. Top Shot’s Chris Cheng recently testified in the Senate’s Judiciary Hearing on Gun Violence Prevention. His testimony was powerful, and his message was aimed at moving the needle in the gun rights fight. Gun Talk’s Tom Gresham talks wit...

  • Comparing the Old and New Colt Anacondas

    New guns continue to roll out – Gun Talk’s Tom Gresham recently got a hold of the new Colt Anaconda. How does it compare to the old Anaconda? This 44 Magnum revolver has many of the same features, but is it any good? Watch Gun Talk’s First Look at

  • History of Gun Control

    Why are Democrats never satisfied when it comes to restricting our Second Amendment rights? Gun Talk’s Tom Gresham walks through the history of gun control. If you want to contact your elected official call (202) 224-3121 to find your representative. Let them know you are opposed to H.R. 8 and H....

  • Finding the Perfect Pistol

    We lost the caller, but knew the question – Ralph was looking for a pistol his wife would like, after she discovered she did not like the Ruger LC9, Beretta Storm, or a.22. Tom Gresham and the Gun Talk After Show crew discuss some options and brands that might be a good fit.

  • Deep Dive on Smith & Wesson's New M&P Shield Plus

    The newest member of the Smith & Wesson M&P family is the Shield Plus in 9mm – Corey Beaudreau joins Gun Talk’s Tom Gresham to talk about this new 13+1 micro-compact and the differences and similarities with the current M&P Shield, as well as Tom’s thoughts after he took it to the range.

  • Are the Feds Restricting Ammo Distribution?

    Ben calls the show with an accusation that the ammo shortage is being created by the Federal government limiting distribution to retail stores. Is that what is happening? Gun Talk’s Tom Gresham responds to the notion that the government is restricting what can be sold in stores in order to enact ...

  • All About the New Ruger MAX-9

    Tom Gresham talks about Gun Talk’s Ballistic Myth videos, and the comments that inevitably pop up on videos about new guns concerning recoil. Comments on the Ruger MAX-9 video on the gun looking “snappy” brings a physics lesson plus a tip on shooting small guns from a champion. Then Ruger’s Brand...

  • Is 9mm Enough for Bears?

    Bill in Tennessee calls the Gun Talk After Show to see if the Buffalo Bore hard cast 9mm load would be good enough for defense against coyotes and bears while traipsing in the woods? Tom Gresham and the AS crew discuss his options.

  • Air Rifle Program for Students

    Jake Hindman, President & CEO of the Student Air Rifle Program (SAR), talks about celebrating five years of the successful program, and how anyone can get involved. Find out more at

  • Lever-Actions are MIA, plus a Rifle Sight-In Tip

    Gun Talk’s Tom Gresham is driving cross-country right now, and keeps looking for lever-guns in all the gun shops he passes, to no avail. He also gets to stop in at Gunsite to sight in a new rifle, and explains why you need to shoot at both 100 yards and 7 yards while dialing in a rifle.

  • Cryptocurrency for Gun Shops

    The discriminatory practices from Operation Choke Point instituted by the Obama/Biden administration still linger. If gun stores can’t process credit cards or take out loans, then they can’t run a successful business. Rob McNealy of TUSC joins Gun Talk’s Tom Gresham to explain this new open-sour...

  • The Best Caliber for Nuisance Coyotes

    Gary calls the show to ask Gun Talk's Tom Gresham about the best lever-action to take care of his coyote problem: a .222, a .22-250, the .223, or a .243?

  • Help for What Comes After a Self-Defense Shooting

    Armed Citizens' Legal Defense Network founder Marty Hayes explains the difference between ACLDN's aid and self-defense insurance, and how the network helps in the aftermath of a shooting, while talking with Gun Talk's Tom Gresham. Find out more at

  • Update on Bump Stock Ban Case

    Gun rights activist Clark Aposhian updates Gun Talk's Tom Gresham on the latest legal moves in the "bump stock case". Find out more and donate to the cause at

  • Lockdown's Giveaway is HUGE

    Lockdown's Ronelle Franklin talks with Gun Talk's Tom Gresham about the security of Lockdown products and versatility to bring them anywhere, plus their big giveaway running through April 30th where you can win guns, gear, game consoles, dirt bikes, and even a custom Toyota 4Runner. Enter at http...

  • Congress Voting on Gun Control Bills This Week

    Gun Talk Radio's Tom Gresham discusses the most recent bills introduced by the Democrats in their plans for gun control this year, including H.R. 8 dealing with universal background checks (, and H.R. 1446 increasing the time an FFL has to wait to transfer a firearm without ...

  • I Hated Polymer Guns, Until…

    Henry never liked polymer guns until he picked up the Walther P99 – This 78-year-old loves the grip on his new gun, and feels like it was made just for him. Gun Talk’s Tom Gresham and the After Show Crew agree with Henry and chat about why the P99 is such a good fit.