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Watch this video and more on Gun Talk

Range Report: Range Ready Carbine Class

Gun Talk Radio 2022 • 4m 42s

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    What’s new in the world of ammo? Jeff Hoffman of Black Hills ammo dishes on his experience with .454 Casull and muskrat extermination. Plus, Jeff has been messing with some new ammo options for all types of firearms. What does this mean for folks wishing to change their current loads? Jeff and To...

  • CNN Adds ‘Gun Guy’

    Why would CNN add a gun expert to its staff? Tom explores the move from the liberal network to add Stephen Gutowski. Stephen and Tom discuss why the addition is important to further the knowledge and education of firearm coverage at the major news outlet.

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  • Oregon’s Ludicrous Ballot Measure 114

    Oregon voters face a particularly nasty measure on the ballot in November with Ballot Measure 114. Oregon Firearms Federation’s Kevin Starrett joins Gun Talk Radio’s Tom Gresham to explain.

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