2 Seasons

From the desert sand to snowy mountain tops, from coast to coast: Follow the GunVenture crew as they explore the world of shooting – training, hunting, personal defense, and everything in-between. The crew manages to fit in a few side trips, too. It might be a brewery visit, zip-lining through the trees, riding in a tank, or even fishing for sharks.

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  • Bonus: Oregon Trail Optics Talk

    Episode 1

    Chris Cerino talks with Leupold Optics Academy's Mike Baccellieri.

  • Bonus: Scottsdale's Titanium Lounge; Shooting at CMP; Safety Tips

    Episode 2

    Tour the Titanium Lounge at the Scottsdale Gun Club, learn more about the Civilian Marksmanship Program, plus a great safety tip, in this bonus footage.

  • Master Craft Metal Working - Full Episode

    Episode 3

    An up-close look at some of the oldest known metalworking processes, including the forging and casting of firearms, at Ruger and Smith & Wesson. Plus, Ryan continues the forging fun at a local bladesmith's workshop.

  • Savannah Swine - Full Episode

    Episode 4

    It's Hog Heaven! Ryan & Tom head to Savannah, GA, for a hog hunt on Green Island with PolyCase Ammunition, and someone brought his Sig P220. Along the way, Ryan shoots some clay birds at Dorchester Shooting Preserve, and tours the PolyCase factory.

  • Bonus: In the Beginning - Polycase Ammo

    Episode 5

    Polycase Ammunition's Paul Lemke discusses how a need for single-use cartridge cases led product development in the beginning.

  • Training at the Sig Sauer Academy - Full Episode

    Episode 6

    Tom heads to the SIG Academy to run drills with top trainers. Offering training in live-fire, force-on-force, and more, the academy trains everyone from military to civilian. With a stop for some fresh lobster, it's a good day to be a New Englander

  • Bonus: Transition Drill - How, and Why

    Episode 7

    Trainer Dylan Kenneson discusses the why and the how of a basic transition drill.

  • Gunning For Chocolate - Full Episode

    Episode 8

    The GunVenture team takes a road trip through Utah: A tour of the DoubleTap Ammunition factory, training with the newest members of the Springfield Armory shooting team, and a side trip to see a friend who owns a chocolate factory!

  • Tanks for the Memories - Full Episode

    Episode 9

    Ryan Gresham heads to the Ox Ranch with Ruger's Mark Gurney for an Axis deer hunt, an attempt at trap shooting, and shoot some big guns)¦ attached to a Sherman tank! Plus, an invite from Johnny at Dury's Guns to check out some very old guns.

  • Bonus: Colt #1, Tank Rifles, and More

    Episode 10

    Johnny Dury shares one of the most unique finds from a private collection at Dury's Guns in San Antonio - the first factory-engraved Colt. Plus, Ryan Gresham and Ruger's Mark Gurney check out the reloading room at

  • Shooting Ranges 2.0 - Full Episode

    Episode 11

    Today's ranges are more upscale & hi-tech than ever. From machine gun rentals at Scottsdale, to a grand tour in Denver, and finally a stop in Talladega for some e-target shooting, we see it all! Ryan also sneaks in a trip around the infamous track.

  • Bonus: Talking with a Legend

    Episode 12

    VATA Group's Greg Lapin talks with the legendary General John K. "Jack" Singlaub in this GunDealio bonus footage. General Singlaub is a highly decorated former OSS officer, a founding member of the Central Intelligence Agency, and a retired Major General in the United States Army.

  • Bonus: Concealed Carry Gun Options

    Episode 13

    RECOIL Magazine's Iain Harrison discusses some different options to carry concealed, and some pros and cons of each gun.

  • Rise of the Robots - Full Episode

    Episode 14

    VATA Group's Greg Lapin and Destin Mounts head to Tennessee for some high-tech training drills against robots, testing their skills with stress-test exercises. To take a break, they go for a spin around a defensive driving track.

  • Expedition Arizona - Full Episode

    Episode 15

    Tom heads west to visit with RECOIL Magazine's Iain Harrison. While testing products at the range, visiting with local gun companies, and even shooting a flame-thrower, Tom still has time to take a jeep tour of the red rocks of Sedona.

  • Oregon Trail - Full Episode

    Episode 16

    The guys are hitting the snowy trails of Oregon. In-between a coyote hunt and some long-range shooting with Nosler and Leupold, they take a tour of the Cerakote Firearms Coatings factory, and detour for some cold ones at 10 Barrel Brewing.